What sensual touch pleasures do you engage in as a single person? (Please keep it PG) Special snowflake single girl details...
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What sensual touch pleasures do you engage in as a single person? (Please keep it PG) Special snowflake single girl details...

I miss touching, kissing, and cuddling as a single person. I feel like I get cravings for physical touch the same way some people get cravings for burgers and beer. What do you do to experience touchy pleasures as a single person? (besides the, um, obvious. *Blushes*) For example, I love rubbing my feet on my very soft rug and love using almond-scented lotion. On the cheap is preferred, and very specific is preferred!

Kinda related, my sister used to fold me up like a taco in our foldable couchbed mattress. That was my first and only experience with a makeshift hugging machine, and it was awesome.
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I asked a similar question a while ago and got some pretty excellent answers. Dancing is good, as are new, short haircuts, if you want other people to touch you.

Walking barefoot on a really nice, thick lawn is unrivaled for non-human touch sensations, at least to me. If you liked the mattress taco, you might want to invest in a really, really thick down comforter. My boyfriend has one, and it provides excellent pressure. I like to curl up in it so it's not just resting on top of me.
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I'm not a single person, but one of my favorite sensual experiences is getting into a bed made up with nice sheets after a hot shower.

What about using that almond-scented lotion to give yourself a foot massage? Unlike trying to massage your own back, a self-footrub works well.
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This has been asked a couple of times, in addition to coppermoss's link there's also
and here and here.
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I'm also not single, but my relationship is long-distance... so no one else is touching me, really. I enjoy self-foot rubs, as well as using a luxurious, moisturizing facial cleanser a few times a week. I turn on some music, massage the cleanser onto my face, and just relax for a bit, then clean it off.

I loooove curling up into a cushy blanket right after a shower. I also like scalp massages. Especially after a long day of having your hair pulled back into a ponytail.
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Not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for but my fiance likes the Beating Heart Stress Relief Pillow
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Bedding! Soft sheets (the fancy hotel-quality cotton, or flannel, or jersey knit, or modal, etc.), blankets with assorted weights and textures, and good pillows. Also, a really soft bathrobe and pajamas you love. Stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall's often have decent bedding at a discount.

If you like dogs or cats, get one! If you can't get one, consider volunteering at a shelter or pet-sitting on the side.
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Popping back in to say that, along the lines of Greg Nog's tuna salad, making pie crust is realllllly satisfying. Use your fingers to work the butter and/or Crisco and flour into little crumbs. It takes a while, feels great on the hands, and then you can have tasty pie afterwards!
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The feel of sexy lingerie. It really isn't necessary to have a partner to enjoy the luxury of silk, satin, lace, cotton, bows or a splash of wild color (that only you know about, as you wander through your otherwise PG day).
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Bare feet in the grass.
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I really like the feeling of washing my hands with good-smelling, textured soap (my favorite is lavender and/or rosemary with lots of actual blossoms and herbal bits). It's a great way to turn an everyday chore into a tiny little ritual of pleasure!
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Jeans fresh out of the dryer.
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Pets. Dogs, cats, and rabbits all have wildly different types of fur. And there is something really comforting about sitting on the sofa scritching a kitty with one hand and a dog with the other.

I've also quite enjoyed walking barefoot in cool dry grass.
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Bare feet in the snow (as winter approaches). Barefoot hiking or walking on crunchy leaves. Laying in the grass looking up at the clouds, sunshine embracing you in warmth. As it cools off at night, laying in a sleeping bag outside, looking up at the stars. The sleeping bag may feel slightly constricting but this is really a big continuous hug.

A lot of these sensual feelings are not just actively touching things, but the environment interacting with you. Cool breezes washing over you, as you look up at the clouds or the stars. Fresh air carrying all sorts of nature scents from pine to changing leaves to distant animal smells.

You can cover yourself in a sleeping bag and then sit in a chair outside to watch the sunrise or sunset. Drink a mug of hot cider.

Take in each moment, actively perceiving how each of your senses is stimulated by these outdoor experiences.
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Undiluted Dr. Bronner's Peppermint as body wash + clean sheets = bliss.
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Plunge your clean hands into a large container of rice or lentils.
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Freshly shaved legs, clean high-thread count sheets fresh out of the dryer, and a big fluffy robe. Add it the promise of snow the next morning, and you have heaven.
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Seconding sciencegeek (and for that matter Amélie), stick your hand into a bag of lentils, rice or grain. Beads and buttons work, too.

I suggest you use your own container and items because people look at you funny if you do it in a store.
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Find a friend in a similar situation and trade back rubs. Finger paint.
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microfiber blankets - sooo soft! (will also be good for when you do have someone sharing the bed and they steal all of the regular covers)
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Gently running your fingers in the inside of your forearm where it meets your elbow.
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Just discovered the strange and wonderful sensations of a head massager. I'd never even heard of the things before and now can't imagine why these aren't advertised more.
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I run my cuticles and fingertips gently around the corner of my iPhone. It's tingly! (Don't judge me!)
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Go to a fabric store! There are lots of wonderful textures to run your hands and fingers over. And it's free!

I also get a lot of pleasure out of petting my cats and dog. Each animal has a different texture to his/her fur.

And when it's cold enough, my duvet is a nice weight to snuggle under. Hm. I wonder if one can buy those x-ray shield-blanket-thingies when you're not a medical person.
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Q-tips in my ears. Mmmmmmm. Dangerous and delicious.
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I was at the hairdresser's the other day, when a guy came in and said to the hairdresser, "I've just had a really bad day at work, and I need a head-rub. I don't want a haircut: just run your fingers through my hair a bit, please." She did, and charged him only $5 or so, and told me afterwards he's a frequent customer (usually for actual haircuts) and asks for head-rubs now and then.

So, if you're ballsy enough...
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Oh also sometimes flossing the sensitive regions of my gums feels good.
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Shower. If you don't have a shower head you love and a decent water heater, fix that. Life is too short to go through it with dribbly, hasty showers. Just find a temperature you love, forget about water conservation for an hour, and zone out under the gentle pounding of a billion warm raindrops at just the right pressure setting.
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Head massage. Use your hands, or something like this.
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Get good massage lotion. Apply to the bottom of your foot. Now rub it in using your forearms and elbows. Heavenly.
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Hot bath and whiskey, then flannel sheets. That's what I used to do.

I love the ideas in this question.
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contact improv is also good for touch-starvation
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Response by poster: Thank you! These are great suggestions. I'm seeing a trend that being conscious in the moment is the most important thing--a shower can be a chore, or a chance to feel the hot water and steam, smell the comfort of dove soap. Another theme is nature--there are so many textures there! Thanks, guys!
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