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I'm looking to register a trademark. Searches on here have revealed some great answers on how to check if a trademark has been registered, etc, but I have not seen any recommendations for actually doing it. I'm thinking I'll need legal help to get it right, so can anybody recommend a moderately priced service or firm that they have used?
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Email is in my profile.
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Thomson and Thomson provides search services of varying types.
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Better yet, give anathema the work.
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Assuming you're talking about a U.S. registration, you can do it online.
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Yes, you can do it online. Baggers wants to "get it right," which to me means a proper search, an opinion regarding the search, prosecution of an application, and overall trademark strategy, including proper usage and policing.
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My friend had an idea for a catchphrase when we were in high school. He wanted to trademark it. So he wrote the phrase to himself in a certified letter, and imagined that on some fateful day in court, he would open that letter in front of a judge and be vindicated! It's called a 'poor man's' trademark. I'd go with anathema.
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Response by poster: Anathema is right in saying I want to do it right: I know you can do it yourself, but this stuff requires that you fill out the forms correctly, use the correct language, etc. And they don't give you your money back if you do it wrong...

Airguitar: that's not a trademark. He may have a claim (from what I understand IANAL) for copyright, but that's a whole different thing...

Anathema: you've got mail...
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