Need alternative MS office 2010 download link
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Purchased MS Office 2010 Academic version yesterday. Exceeded 25 download attempts somehow. Is there another place I can download from?

I purchased Office 2010 from yesterday and tried to download it but couldn't finish. Today I tried again and noticed that there was an error message saying I had exceeded my download attempt limit. I think this might be because I downloaded with a download accelerator before.

I've sent an email to customer services, but not sure when they'll reply.

So the question is can I can just download the trial version on MS's website, or torrent the Professional version (I hear it's the same as the Academic version and there's no torrents of the Academic version), and just apply my product key? Or are there alternative places to download a copy.

I think I can still buy a DVD of the software, but that would take at least a week at cost $16, so I'd rather avoid that.
posted by fallsauce to Computers & Internet (2 answers total) 1 user marked this as a favorite would have it - can't you just put your serial number into the trial version?
posted by tiamat at 7:44 PM on September 26, 2010

Response by poster: Downloaded a copy from this location. Seems to be working okay.

Suddenly had an idea that I could google "X16-32007.exe" after I posted the question. (It's like asking the teacher a question after puzzling over it for ages and then figuring it out yourself half way through the question all over again!)
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