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Something went pop and nothing is the same on my Aeron chair.

I think it's about 10 years old. Medium size, adjusted just right for me. Something went "pop" the other night and now the front lip tips too far forward all the time, like I'm going to pop out of the chair or slide to the floor.

When I lean forward slightly, instead of supporting me, the butt spot pops up and pretty much dumps me out of the chair. I spend a lot of tiring hours now using my legs to push myself "backwards" into the right position.

What can I adjust? I've tried everything I can reach or think of.
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My decidedly cheap chair has a small lever in the front that stops the dumping forward. The chair before that didn't have such a thing, and I actually broke it (I'm a fairly substantially sized dude). Check and make sure there's not a small lever up front, other than that, the news may not be so great.
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We once had a problem with our Aeron and we were able to take it to a Herman Miller dealer and they were able to send it in to be repaired, free of charge. I think they have a lifetime warranty?
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Best answer: There are two small levers on the left side. The one towards the front adjusts the tipping forward. Up to loosen, down to lock.
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Oh... as for your chair, maybe the cable popped out of place?
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Response by poster: Okay, fiddling with the front left and rear left while popping up and down to release/engage the mechansim did it. I used the front one to tip it 'back" and then the rear one to re adjust it forward so I'm not severely reclining.

Thank you all! I live near a Herman Miller dealer so that would have been the next option.
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