How do we watch some rugby in NYC?
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Where can my wife and I go to watch live union rugby games in Brooklyn or Manhattan?

She's the new but enthusiastic rugby fan, and primarily is interested in Ireland (intra-Ireland, particularly Connacht). There seems to be a season coming up in November prior to the Six Nations tournament in February. It seems like the Magners league is having matches right now, too? We're both kind of clueless, actually.
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never having been to new York, I really can't help you.

However, if you want to learn more about some of the technical aspects of rugby (which I would say greatly deepens an appreciation of the game), albeit with a complete focus on the Wallabies, this is a great blog - check out the videos. And here are their links, to rugby blogs around the world, including one for Munster.

(PS it's R.U., not U.R.)
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There is a huge English and Irish population in, of all places, Hoboken, which is a quick PATH ride under the river. Almost all of the Irish bars there will run every game, some charging a door fee for the satelite feed.
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Best answer: Ceol and Chip Shop (both in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn) have been known to show rugby matches - I'd give them a call and ask. I'd also try Roebling Inn - big UK soccer bar, may also show rugby.
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Best answer: Ooh this is a toughie w/Setanta functionally going under and Fox Soccer Channel buying their programming rights. You will be able to see 6 Nations on one of the Fox Channels (probably FSC) but I'd guess for Magners league you'll need to go to setanta's successor Premium Sports and click to see who is buying the games in your nabe. I would be shocked if you can't find it nearer to you then Hoboken, but given they are pay-per-view I would not give you a list of bars, because honestly the demand for league rugby is pretty small in NYC and only appeals to real expats (not to mention in the case of Irish Rugby not even most Irish expats). International Rugby like I said is easy to find. I bet you end up getting to explore Woodside or Woodlawn which can be kind of fun in and of itself.
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I think this place is more Rugby League focused, butttt I also know very little about rugby, so it might be useful? Giving them a call at least might get you some leads.
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I have seen rugby shown in the very nice Iona in Williamsburg. They're very Celt/Brit friendly there and serve a marvellous array of decent ales, including Fuller's Cask. They do tend to favour football... sorry, soccer... but for the big rugby union internationals (not "union rugby") they'll either be showing them or easily persuaded to do so, I reckon.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. We live near Ceol and Chip Shop, and I asked at Chip Shop if they knew their rugby schedule yet, and they didn't. I go by there pretty often, so I'll keep asking. There's also the new Roebling Pub, which shows soccer even on US football nights, so there's some hope there, too.
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The season has already started.
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Response by poster: Well. Okay. I'll have to be more vigorous about asking then!

Thanks for the heads-up.
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