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I am an online publisher (have my own site) and want advertisers to advertise. I am pitching to an ad agency who has these accounts. I want to look at a few pitch presentation decks. Any place online where there might be sales presentation to agency powerpoint decks?
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They are pretty re-usable and tend to have data you don't typically publish, so I always assumed they were not the sort of thing you'd stick on Slideshare and it's never occurred to me to look. At the same time, mine are so straightforward I don't even keep them or I'd offer to send you one.

I do a standard five-slide, ten minute presentation. These relationships are pretty much about a) your numbers, and b) what you can deliver to their brand that they can't get from Federated Media, which is usually either a cheaper bill, a really targeted demographic, or a unique tie-in with their brand (you usually don't have this).

Screenshot - So we all know what site we're talking about

Stats - Pretty much all the actual numbers you might have
- Age
- Growth
- Traffic/uniques
- Page rank
- Inbound link count

Demographics - These are often soft:
- Average visitor profile (Gender, age, income)
- Any actual demographic data you have (geographic)
- Key search intelligence (what brings people to your site)

Packages - What you can give them:
- Standard text/display ads
- Total branding
- Contests/competitions
- RSS ads
- Paid reviews or editorial (clearly marked as such)
- Whatever else you've got

Metrics - Because they need to quantify the results:
- How you deliver and count their impressions
- What stats they have access to

One reasons these are so disposable is that the trend is - thank God - toward really simple presentation. You're not going to out-slick an ad agency so unless you have really high-quality brand materials, go for clear data on white and stick your logo discreetly in as a watermark or in the lower right corner. Absolutely no PowerPoint transitions, animations, videos or anything like that. These people want data; give it to them.

The single exception is if you have a total branding option, show them a mockup BUT NOT WITH THEIR BRAND. Make one up and do it well or don't do it at all.

I don't know, maybe other people do it really differently but my approach has always been to keep it brief and focused on the value (numbers) and proposition (packages) as clearly as possible. Do not bore them. They'll ask if they have questions.
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