I needz a mapz of ol' placez.
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I'm looking for really beautiful, detailed wall maps of Ireland, The Canadian Maritimes and New England. Nice maps of Europe and US wouldn't hurt either.

Hello all,

I'm interested in the history of fiddle music, which oftentimes involves communities in places that don't exist anymore (small towns that eventually got eaten up by bigger towns). I'd like to find maps that list these old places and towns by name.

I'd like to have some really nice maps on my wall that have those places on them. Ireland and Cape Breton are two special interests, but also Newfoundland, Maine and the rest of New England would be good too. Something general for US and Europe would be handy but not as big a priority.

A decent sized map of each would be nice but I probably won't have huge amounts of wall space, so they don't have to be gigantic. Something that's attractive is really important.

Any thoughts?

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Try Metskers or the Philadelphia Print Shop.
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I've really liked Raven Maps New England map as well as their other offerings. They are US-focused and not historical, but I figure you might enjoy them because they're just lovely.
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A place to find maps online might be the Library of Congress online map collection.
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Be sure to buy a map of the Canadian Atlantic provinces, not just the maritime provinces. Lots of that fiddle music comes from Newfoundland and you won't find that on a maritime provinces map.
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Historic Map Works
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Maybe you'll find something in the National Geographic maps at maps.com
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David Rumsey Map Collection. Lots of old maps, high resolution, prints available.
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Or go straight to National Geographic for their maps, instead of through a middleman.
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Ordinance Survey Ireland have a browsable 1842 map of Ireland here which can also be purchased.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. The LOC comes in handy again. I have a pretty excellent photo printer, so I may be able to make some nice maps myself. Really good stuff here though!
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