Automatically finding words or phrases in Microsoft Word documents
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I want to check various Microsoft Word documents against a list of thousands of words or phrases and highlight/flag each instance of any of those words or phrases in the document. I want a way to do this automatically instead of going down the list and manually Finding each one. Is this possible? Thanks.
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Best answer: You could create a concordance file (used for generating indexes) with all of the terms you wanted to highlight, then do a find and replace on the index tags after the concordance runs to whatever visual flag you want.
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Response by poster: @camcgee: I love you. Thank you.
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Not a turnkey solution for you, but if I were faced with that problem, I would look into using sed for windows. That would let you compile your list separately as the sed command file, which would be easy to update as necessary. The trick would be to figure out what markup you would have to replace the words with to highlight them in Word-ese.
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