Best moving advice?
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Suggestions for best Household moving organizer..

I need a moving organizer....preferably online but an IRL (notebook style) one that will hold receipts, etc. would be fine too. All the ones I've found so far looked rather anemic. The plan is to move just what we want to keep and leave the rest to hold an"Estate Sale" while the old house is on the market. Needs moving tips, packing advice and ways to make all that happen a short amount of time.

Any websites or tried and true tips appreciated also.

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I was looking for this kinda thing when I started preparing for my move (tomorrow, omg), and honestly I found nothing. So I started keeping an excel list on google docs, and anytime I thought of anything that needed doing or needed deciding on, I'd just put it in the list with a deadline. I started the list with items from my googling for moving lists, selecting things that were appropriate. I really wish I could have given you a great website, and I could have really used one, but sadly, I couldn't find anything good enough to use.
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