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I need an idea for a costume I can make out of a gray zip front hoodie.

I have already made my costume - I am going to be an octopus. We purchased a hoodie for my guy, but cannot settle of what we should use it to make.

We were originally going to make a Narwhal. Then it was totally an Elephant. We also tossed around the idea of a Shark.

I sew, but with a (busy) month ahead, I don't want anything too complicated.

The other caveat is that the face needs to not be covered, and (if at ALL possible) the hood isn't the main part of the design. The costume needs to be as bike friendly as possible.

I did check the archives, but this is ridiculously specific. Sorry.

Thanks all!
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The Unabomber?
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Best answer:

I made three of these last Halloween - pretty easy. The hardest part is taking apart the umbrellas. (Lots of cursing and fighting with pliers.) I like the narwhal idea, though.
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Pet rock!

Stuff the front and back of the hoodie with crumpled newspaper (make sure the bottom is tight or belted shut) and wear grey pants. Paint or glue or stick 2 giant googly eyes to the front. If you feel it's a little obscure, you can print out those block letters (do a Google Image search) and put them on the back. If you have a little extra money you can bid for one on ebay and use the box for the candy bucket type thing.
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How about Sharktopus? Octopus costume, but with more stuff, like some felt shark teeth on the hood. And spikes. You gotta have spikes.
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Or, since it's a gray hoodie and all, Yogurt Commercial Woman.
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Justin Bieber.
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A hunter from Left 4 Dead?
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Okay, I recognize this is your boyfriend and not some cute kid, but I think seahorse!

Or you could go with the natural enemies of the octopus: Eels (you will go much lighter with your grey hoodie), sharks (something like this one, but without the cards) and dolphins (seems like you could modify this idea).
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Response by poster: Dang. I sometimes forget how fast you all work.

Artychoke has it. Bat it is! And since gray bats actually exist, I won't even need to get a different color hoodie.

Now to procure a gray umbrella!
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Or you could go with your original idea and take it one step further: narwhal attack! (scroll down a bit)
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Oops. That's what lack of preview gets me.
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Best answer: Yay! Here is what I learned making mine: the trick to getting the umbrellas apart is to untwist the little circles of wire that string through the spines around the stem. It took me a LONG time to figure that out. Also, if you take a bit of the wire that you've pulled off and use it to tie the spokes together (I put the wire through the little holes at the end of the spokes) and then tack that bit to the armpit, it holds together a lot better. Email me if you have trouble!
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Hey, he could also be a hoodie shark. I'd add multiple rows of teeth (white and pink felt) and maybe some gills (curved parallel lines of black tape) to the sides of the hood for an even better effect.
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A dinosaur?
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A bat.

This is how I made my bat costume last year. I glued 2 googly eyes to the hood, which I wore up. I made 2 ears out of pipe cleaners and black cloth. I used safety pins to attach cloth from my back to my arms for wings. I cut that cloth in a vague bat shape.
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I made a bird last year.
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