Help me decorate an awesome cake
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My daughter is hosting a potluck dinner for a group at our house. I volunteered to make and decorate a cake. What is a witty (short) phrase I can put on the cake for the "Queers and allies" group? I plan to decorate the cake like a pride flag, but would like to write something on it too.
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instead of writing, these is more subtle but no less impressive

Writing, whether pen & ink or icing, is open to misinterpretation (there's a whole website dedicated to this...) so tread lightly here.
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Thanks ChefJoAnna. I loved the cakes on the links, but I'm doing more of a sheet cake than a round cake. Thanks for the caution to tread lightly. I certainly don't want to offend, especially since I don't know these people.
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"these is" = UGH! I am not using LOLspeak, that was pre-caffeinated.

I had seen the rainbow cake before, but searching for it got me to these links, maybe you'll find something that suits you?

again, because it's subtle:

cute, easy to draw, but might say more than you want?

P. S. Most coloring agents taste terrible. Use sparingly.
P. P. S. Tinted coconut tastes better than jimmies/sprinkles, with similar effect.
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"Pride is joy" ? That sounds nice.

(I'm not LGBT nor active in any group so my apologies if that doesn't mean what I think it means)

Maybe use M&Ms for the rainbow? And I agree with the coconut tasting much better than sprinkles.
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I just want to say, that this is really neat, and if I was yr daughter, the effort would mean a lot more to me then the message itself.
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This site seems to have a big list of possible candidates. On first scan, something like "Born Gay Follow the Ray - Born Straight Refuse to Hate"?
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Also, I think Neekee's idea to use coloured candies for the rainbow is great. Or you could tint separate portions of icing into different colours and then pipe that on to make the flag, but the colours will be more pastel than vibrant.
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How about "Taste the Rainbow" in rainbow colors and/or Skittles?

Also, best Mom ever.
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"Live and Let Love"

"Made with Pride"
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I like "Made with Pride" too. I'm straight, but to me "pride" describes those who are proud of being gay, as well as those who are proud of their gay friends/family members.
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Thanks everybody for your suggestions. My daughter liked "live and let love" but by the time I got it decorated like a pride flag, she decided it looked so good that she didn't want anything written on it. The group liked the cake, and a good time was had by all.
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