Going from LA to LA of Anaheim.
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I'm seeking travel options to go from LAX to Anaheim next week. I'll be bringing one backpack, and am also wondering if the Angel Stadium Amtrak/Metrolink station has 24-hour lockers, and how strict the stadium is about allowing bags...

I arrive on Tuesday, scheduled for 4:30 pm, at terminal 2.

I'm leaning towards using the Flyaway bus to Union Station, and taking the Metrolink OC Line to Angel Stadium, hopefully not too late for the game at 7.

The trip planner at the Metro site has Flyaway buses scheduled at 5:01-5:50 and 5:30-6:20. The last train seems to be 6:30-7:12.

With all things factored in, is that second bus a conservative arrival time at the station? Should I just take the first cab or shuttle to Union Station in order to get there by 6:30? Or take a shuttle straight from LAX to Anaheim?

And I'd prefer to leave my bag at the Anaheim station, but if that's not an option, are the odds good that I'll be able to get my bag into the stadium? The Angels web site says 18" and mine's exactly that. If that's a no-go either, does security often relent and find a place to hold onto it?

Thanks in advance.
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FYI, I asked a similar question with slightly different details but the answers might be useful to you. I wound up taking the Disneyland shuttle back to LAX and it was worth the extra cash, might want to see how close you can get to the stadium that way.
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I would not rely on the security at a ball park holding on to your bag.
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from the stadium website: "Bags that do not meet our size guidelines or refuse to be searched cannot be stored or watched by Angel Stadium of Anaheim staff."
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I am a veteran ballpark traveler who was just in Anaheim.

The challenge with Angel Stadium is that their security is on HIGH OBNOXIOUS ALERT because they hosted the All Star Game this year. Even though I had a printout of their allowed camera guidelines and my camera fell well within that guideline, the security guard still wanted to try to tell me i couldn't take the camera in, even after I took out the printed guidelines and two Angels season ticket holders came over to say, "Why are you doing this? That camera's the same size as mine and I just got it in." They told me later that this had been a common problem this year, suddenly needing to observe everything to the letter. So you might get in, but you might not, and you'd need backup.

I don't think there is anywhere at that station to check a bag in a locker. But call Amtrak and ask. I didn't recall it being much of a station.

That said there is a nice, non-chain restaurant (The Catch) and a hotel (TownePlace Suites) not far from the ballpark where you might be able to call and arrange to leave your bag for a fee. The hotel is the only one that's walking distance from the ballpark and it's used by fans and media so it's not like they're not used to the idea of people having stuff they can't take to the ballpark. I'd try the hotel first.

If you take Disneyland Express you will get dropped at a hotel ultimately and that hotel might also be willing to hold your bag. But I'd just take the train to the ballpark myself instead of having to deal with the Disneyland mess.

Is there any reason renting a car is out of the question? That would solve a lot of your issues.
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Response by poster: Well, I don't drive, and even if I did, I wouldn't take a chance on SoCal rush hour traffic.

I'd been leaning towards rail to avoid it altogether. But right now I'll probably do the Gray Line shuttle to get to Anaheim, as that seems the most flexible time-wise, and I won't have to transfer anywhere in between.

My hotel is in between Disneyland and the stadium, so I'll probably just check in first. I'm going to a few games during my stay, so if I'm a little late that one game, it won't be too bad.

My schedule on my last day is a lot more open so I might take the city bus back to the airport. But I'd still be happy to hear any more recommendations. I appreciate the help so far.
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