Where to find inexpensive used CDs and DVDs in Toronto or Hamilton.
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Where to find inexpensive used CDs and DVDs in Toronto or Hamilton?

Nothing makes me happier than digging through huge bins of used CDs or DVDs and finding gems for $5.00 or less. What shops should I visit in Toronto or Hamilton, ON?
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Sonic Boom, Bloor and Bathurst.
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Best answer: If I may be permitted to revise and extend my remarks...

Sonic Boom has the best used selection I've seen when I go to Toronto. It's a must stop for me each year. They have a great vinyl section downstairs.

They're on the north side of Bloor, a half block east of Bathurst.
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Vortex, at Yonge and Eglinton (on the north-east side and up a bit, over a shop), was supposed to be the best used music store in Toronto as of a decade or so ago. I don't know if it still is, but that's where I go.
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Oh man, Sonic Boom. Totally great.

If you wanna go corporate, I've been selling old CDs at The Beat Goes On. There's one in Hamilton. I've only been to the Oakville and London stores, but they have a DVD shelf s 2 for $8 and bargain bin CDs (was at one today and saw CDs for $2.99 at the lowest price).
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There also used to be a smaller used CD store just a little east of Sonic Boom on Bloor (I think). It's been about 4 years since I've been there, but Google Street View doesn't seem to show it anymore, so it may be gone. If it's still around, it's definitely worth stopping in.
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There's a used cd/dvd shop in the Dixie Flea Market (Basement of Dixie Value Mall). Or there was - I haven't been in a few months. Otherwise the Beat Goes On, as mentioned above. You can also search their catalogue online - not sure if all of the bargain bin stuff is listed, though.
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Best answer: Another vote for Vortex.

BlogTO did a piece on Toronto's used music shops; I commented multiple times in the thread there on why Vortex is my pick.
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Wild East at Danforth & Chester has some really odd gems.

Not sure if I'd trust that BlogTO post if it lists Deja Vu - a chain I find dismal in the extreme.
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Wild East has gone out of business.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone - it looks clear that a day trip to Sonic Boom and Vortex is well worth my time.
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Try my slightly out of date map of Toronto thrift stores. The Goodwill at Sherbourne and Bloor has a particularly large selection of books/music/DVDs.
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Thanks for pointing out Vortex. I had never heard of them; I'll be sure to stop by when I'm in TO next week (next week! Vacation!)
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> Wild East has gone out of business
Noooo! It was my go-to place for musical weirdness. I know John limited the hours during the summer, but I guess the last two times I was by, the place was shuttered.

Most of the local paper music reviewers offloaded their CDs there, so you could get pre-release at used prices. I will miss John's dry humour, and saying hello to Arcimboldo the lizard.
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Wild East has definitely gone out of business. John has slowly been selling his remaining stock to Vortex as they still pay the best in the city if you have quality stuff. I saw him in there with a few bags of stuff about a week ago. He mentioned to the staff that he considered opening a new location but that rent in Toronto was ridiculous.
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