Exchange through Gmail - possible?
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Can I access Exchange email through Gmail?

Is it possible to access Exchange email through Gmail? I have an Exchange email account through my university, and they will let me access it through ActiveSync (fine for iPhone and Android etc), but not through IMAP. I know I can get my exchange emails into Gmail by setting up rules through the Exchange server, but by doing that I can't send from my Exchange account from Gmail. Is this possible at all?

The answer to this is likely to influence another question I'll probably ask soon, about email consolidation.
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Not sure if this solves your whole problem or if it's just a superficial work-around, but one setting on Gmail is the ability to send e-mail from your Gmail account "as" another e-mail account, so that the other e-mail account is what appears on the "sent from" line of the outgoing e-mail and it appears, superficially, to have come from the other account.
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You can do better than that. Look at this help article and click on I'm a Gmail or Google Apps user sending from an external address. and read the bit on If you choose to send mail through another domain's SMTP servers.

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yes, i am doing it now.
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