Where to find matching house light.
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Can you help me find this outdoor porch light?

We built a new garage and I am trying to find matching lights. Here is the lights we have currently. After about 3 days of Google Image search, Google shopping, and hitting up every hardware store/light store no one can seem to help me. I have come close but nothing that matches. I have looked all around the light and can see nothing that marks the make/model. Maybe if I take the light off of the house? How can I find this light?
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In my experience, most of these type of lights don't have any brand markings or anything on them. Also, many of them are pretty generic, and finding replacements could be nearly impossible if it was just some random store brand from 10 years ago. Some of the higher end ones do have markings, but I wouldn't count on it. I've seen many similar lights, but usually in black or bronze. Are you sure this hasn't been painted?

Do you really need to get a perfect match? If the new ones are on a separate building, a close match is probably good enough. Or another option is to just replace them all with brand new lights. It can be done very cheaply (or it can be done expensively -- the expensive ones do stay looking nice longer).
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There are a number of similar ones on this page. I'm betting you're going to have to pick something almost identical and then paint it (which would be fine if they were 20 feet away from the originals), or else replace all of them.
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Do a search of Lowe's. I found the exact lantern.
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Link fix: Lowe's matching light.
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If this is that critical to you, for God's sake buy two extras so that when Lowe's stops making these, you don't have to re-fixture your entire property when a kid knocks one off the wall and breaks the mounting bracket with a football.
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Awesome, thanks JohnE and MeiraV!

It is critical, however I had no option because they came with the house. $30/each is cheap enough to buy a spare as well. Now to figure out how to paint over the bronze finish properly. Thanks again!
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