Do you recognize this short story?
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Prompted by the recent Harlan Ellison thread I was reminded of a short story which I think was his in which a depressed and suicidal man freaks out an armed carjacker by threatening to kill him in an accident and leaves him trembling on the median. It was called something like "The More Dangerous Weapon". Google-fu is getting me to nowheresville. Can anyone help? Maybe it's not Ellison...
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Best answer: Larry Niven's short story "The Deadlier Weapon" features a carjacking.
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2nding b33j, that's Niven's story.
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Was it the Deadlier Weapon, by Larry Niven? At one point, did the driver press a cigarette lighter to the end of the carjacker's nose, leaving a blister that was used to identify him later?
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The Deadlier Weapon, via Google.

Spoiler: yes, there is a cigarette lighter in the car.
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It is possibly Niven's most New Wave story, although it is also pretty grounded in, well, physics. I'm not surprised to see it misremembered as an Ellison. I don't think the prose style, though, would hold up.
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Response by poster: Thanks b33j and all y'all. That's it!
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Response by poster: A-and thank you, Maudlin, for the google docs version.
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I think Harlan writes another story where dueling cars are involved, on the LA freeway. A middle aged man winds up challenging the local "young turk" and gets in a car fight with his wife in the car.

Of course, I thought the hitch hiker story was also Ellison.
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mearls, that sounds like Zelazny's "Auto-da-Fé," from Dangerous Visions.
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Auto da Fé seems to be quite a different story. The LA freeway story sounds familiar, but I can't place it.
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mearls, that's "Along the Scenic Route" from Ellison's Deathbird Stories. That story has never left me for some reason. I think of it often during morning commutes. Sometimes I think the idea of sanctioned road-rage dueling has its merits.
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That also sounds similar to "Chattery Teeth", a Stephen King story in which the titular novelty item intervenes in an attempted carjacking by a hitchhiker.
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