How do share items to a managed Facebook page
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I manage the Facebook page for our company and was recently prompted by Facebook to add a personal profile in order to manage the page. Now when I share items from other sites, they're posted on my profile page rather than our organization page. How do I fix this?

The trouble started when I tried to upload a large video to our Faceboook page and was told that I needed to create a personal profile to do that. So now, I log into my personal profile page and choose "Manage Pages" to manage our organization site. But, as the question says, if I now share links, etc. from the internet, they only post to my personal profile page. I haven't seen any option to post them to a specific page that I manage.

I'd like to put it back the way it was before but am afraid if I choose "delete account" from my profile page, it will delete our entire Facebook organization page. Any suggestions on how to put it back or, alternatively, share things directly to my organization page?
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You have to do it through the page itself. Go to your org's page and post links to it as if it were another person's wall. If you are an admin of that page, it will appear as posted from the page itself.
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This is the worst thing about Facebook's page administration! I do my company's fb page and I find this very irritating. It also means that your company can't comment on any other walls, and you personally can't comment on your company's wall (other than clicking "like").

wemayfreeze is right - you have to post directly to the wall.

Here are some things I've discovered:

I don't know how it works on other mobile phones, but I find that posting to our page from my Motorola Droid is kindof a pain. I can't directly upload pictures. However, if you are on the fan page on a regular computer (or your personal page), you'll notice that when you click to upload a photo there is an option for email. You get a specific funky email address that you can send your pix to - I just have that set as a contact in my phone, and I call it Facebook Page Upload. I email pix to that address using my phone.

For your "personal" profile you can just put a little bit of info and it should shut Facebook up. You can also hide yourself from any searches.

Do you use Facebook yourself, aside from your work page? You can make your personal Facebook page a secondary admin. That will keep you from having to log in and out of your work and personal accounts.
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