Music for fake grown ups drinking cheap bubbly?
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I need music for a cocktail party this is not obscenely grown-up, quiet or boring.

I am planning a cocktail party where my mid-twenties friends and I get dressed up in our formal wear, eat appetizers from Trader Joe's, drink cheap champagne, and congratulate ourselves on our finery. I'm figuring out the playlist and am sort of blanking. I mainly listen to banjo-heavy indie-folk and Lady Gaga on repeat, so I'm out of my safe zone here. Fun, catchy and lively music, kind of like "Odessa" by Caribou and any single by David Bowie. What else should I check out?
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Just to get it right out of the gate the Ultra Lounge Series was pretty much made for this situation.
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Maybe some stuff from Blondie?
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Oh also, I'm famous (and not in a good way) for just slapping Passion Pit, Phoenix, Sleigh Bells, Yelle and Michael Jackson on a playlist, so new bands are great! While I love dance-y stuff, I'm not sure it's quite the theme this time. Correct if I'm wrong, though.

Right now I have Bowie, Asobi Seksu, Caribou, Au Revoir Simone...and that's about as far down my iTunes as I've gotten.

And please, no deep house or lounge music.
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Seconding Ultra Lounge!
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Jim Thirlwell of Foetus has a side project called Steroid Maximus that is sort of lounge crossed with the epic sound he uses for the Venture Brothers soundtrack stuff he does. I say lounge, but that is just sort of a pallette being referenced. Sort of modern take on Spy Movie music. Tracks go over well where adults are drinking together.

Example 1

Example 2

Some may not fit a party, but the latest "Ectopia" would when scattered in a mix.
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Actually, I recently had people over and used string quartet tributes of various artists as background noise. Vitamin Records has a lot of stuff.
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How about Pink Martini
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8 1/2 Souvenirs is a funny jazzy/loungey band ("Shut The Door" is a cute song that's a pun on misunderstanding "Je T'Adore"). And Kirsty Maccoll's In These Shoes is sort of perfect too.

In more rock/pop strain, a lot of stuff on Rilo Kiley's Under The Blacklight strikes me as loungey, but that might be because it just came up on random on iTunes. ^_^
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I like Astrud Gilberto/Stan Getz for this kinda thing, 'cause of the tongue-in-cheek nod to '50s cocktail parties.
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Oooh, Pink Martini is a lovely suggestion. When I swan about like a diva home alone dressed up for no reason, wine in hand, I listen to "Sympathique." Something like "Milord" by Edith Piaf might work too. And Francoise Hardy--say, her cover of "Suzanne" or "Only Friends." Nico or the Velvet Underground might work too--the more subdued stuff anyway.
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I can't tell how strong the strain of irony is in the event you're describing. But it seems to me that whether tongue-in-cheek or legit, maybe pre-1976 Roxy Music might fit? I say this because it's not lounge, it's not deep house, you might hear the Bowie connections (which you refer to in your question), and the style/thematic of the groups first albums fit. Post 1975, their music might seem too "obscenely grown up," but the first albums might fit nicely.
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This may be super old news to you, but the Verve Re-Mixed CD's (they take standard jazz/blues/motown songs and remix them) have some nice party tunes. Bitter:Sweet has that slower-yet-upbeat sound. I like Dragonette a lot, but it may be a bit too dancey/electronic for your needs. Hero by Asteroids Galaxy Tour is nice, the rest of their stuff is great too (assuming you don't hate her very distinct voice), but again, possibly too boppy for what you want.
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Squirrel Nut Zippers!
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Serge Gainsbourg is good for this vibe too.
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Brian Eno, David Byrne, Brian Eno & David Bryne.
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Air - moon safari
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Oh, also the Secret Agent stream. Good stuff there.
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Nouvelle Vague's various covers are extremely awesome.
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When I've hosted similar get-togethers, I've had success with Four Tet, Jenny Wilson, Röyksopp, April March, Lykke Li, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Detektivbyrån, The Buggles, MGMT, The White Stripes, Florence + The Machine, Firefox AK, Air, Vampire Weekend and Nouvelle Vague.
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Nouvelle Vague!!!
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For a *very* retro turn - but most assuredly not lounge - try Radio Diskmuke.
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I don't know what "obscenely grown-up" means. Does that exclude Frank Sinatra, Chet Baker, and Anita O'Day?

Cuz if it does, I don't wanna go to your cocktail party.
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I'm going to throw in a suggestion for early era Cardigans, in particular the first three albums, and absolutely include "Gordon's Gardenparty."" They also have recorded lounge versions of "Iron Man" and "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath," without veering into parody Richard Cheese territory. A rarities album of theirs called The Other Side of the Moon even has a fifteen minute long track called "Cocktail Party Bloody Cocktail Party," which is a medley of songs from an earlier album, complete with the muted sounds of a cocktail party in the background.
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I came to also recommend soma fm's Secret Agent station.
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I don't know what "obscenely grown-up" means. Does that exclude Frank Sinatra, Chet Baker, and Anita O'Day?

Cuz if it does, I don't wanna go to your cocktail party.

Agreed. Maybe also Cole Porter? Something that might be good for fun, retro (vintage?) classy suggestions would be to pop on the Ink Spots on Pandora or The husband and I have a tradition of listening to 40s tunes on Sunday mornings, which makes us feel both very goofy and very grown-up. For, like, people who are 26 and 32, respectively.
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The In Sound from Way Out is instrumental music from the Beastie Boys and is insanely good for any party.
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My hipster friends I am with suggest Nouvelle Vague: French lounge covers of New Wave songs.
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Perhaps a bit too exotic and/or dancey for your purposes, but I recommend:

DJ Zhao - Ngoma mixes One and Two, which are free to download.

Three is also good, but may be too aggressive for a cocktail party.
posted by Spacelegoman at 1:45 PM on September 25, 2010 has loads of commercial-free stations that are perfect for parties.
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Download a few albums of bossa nova from Sabadabada!
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The Sea And Cake - laid back but still relatively high energy - they make great background music without being offensively bland.
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Maybe not ironic enough, but the soundtrack to Ocean's Twelve is chock full of dreamy, instrumental music that, if I knew anything about it, I'd say it was straight out of 60's Europe. It's great stuff, and would work well in snippets in the background of a cocktail party.
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Sounds like you just want to put on the Hype Machine Popular list. Just hit play!
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Caravan Palace.
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Jazz. Starting with Orlando Cachaito Lopez and Getz/Gilberto. Maybe some Oscar Peterson. Try Hotel Costes X; the earlier ones are very good in part but you need to filter them whereas X can be played straight through.
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For a twist on singles by David Bowie, try Seu Jorge's Portugese covers of his songs (you might have heard them in the film, The Life Aquatic).
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How about some lovely Mouse on Mars?
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Perhaps the Puppini Sisters? They're a vocal trio that covers old standards and newer songs, such as "Walk Like an Egyptian" and "Crazy in Love." Fun and retro.
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Robert Mitchum and Maya Angelou made calypso albums.
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i love to play Beirut when i have friends over. it's lovely, and different, without being overpowering.

also, Nthing Nouvelle Vague.
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Codeine Velvet Club - "Hollywood"
Dusty Springfield - (anything with her voice including her PetShopBoys foray) but especially "Oh no! Not My Baby", "Stay Awhile", "The Look of Love"
Bebo Valdes - Bebo de Cuba (album)
Broadcast - "Before We Begin"
The Ravonettes - "Black Satin"
Mum - "The Ballad Of The Broken Birdie Records (Ruxpin Remix II)"
The Legends - "Closer" (from Facts & Figures album)
Atlas Sound - "Atavin", "Walkabout (With Noah Lennox)"
Bebel Gilberto - "Samba Da Bencao"
Toro y Moi - "Talamak"
School of Seven Bells - "Connjur"
Vince Gauraldi - "Great Pumpkin Waltz"
Nancy Sinatra - "You Only Live Twice"
Memoryhouse - "To The Lighthouse"
Suede - "So Young'
Devendra Banhart - Samba Vexillographica
Of Montreal - "We Were Born The Mutants Again With Leafling"
Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out Of This Country (the whole durn album)
Richard Hawley - "The Ocean"

These tracks in no way "go together"...but maybe they'll help point you in a direction.
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Nouvelle Vague

Think Getz and Gilberto for 2010. Quirky, poppy, jazzy covers- so much fun. I think this would be the ultimate ironic cocktail party music.
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think about the median age of everyone attending and at the beginning of the party, play various pop hits that would've been popular during your childhood (stuff your parents listened to).... to create a nostalgic, comforting, and relaxing atmosphere. as the party goes on and more cocktails are consumed, have another mix ready consisting of pop hits from when the collective group was in high school/early years of college. think of songs to create a nostalgic, fun, rebellious atmosphere. if you listen to the song and it's depressing, skip it. think fun, light, and once again - nostalgic. unless all attendees can be definitively categorized as "goth" or "preppy" or "artsy", don't veer too far off the pop path, or you'll probably make a few people feel somehow unincluded. pop might be cheesy, but it's universally recognized, and the common thread can spark conversation.
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