I always wanted a tiny talking cat.
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Please help me track down a childhood favourite book, about a miniature crystal cat that speaks to a lonely girl?

Details are a little foggy, but I recall the girl was an orphan sent to live with an aunt or in a boarding house, where she found a small crystal or glass cat that came to life and spoke with her. I seem to recall there were other animals as well, that "came to life" from a miniatures cabinet in the house.

The cat was her companion and helped her adjust to (or possibly escape from?) her new life. It did not turn into a real cat at any point, but remained an ornament-sized animal. There may have been something about a tower in the final few chapters, but it was not a fantasy novel (other than the talking cat, of course).

I read it in Australia, mid-1980s, but I am pretty sure it was American and written before that. I remember thinking it was a bit old-fashioned, but that could very well have meant 1970s to a young me. It was a short paperback novel, I don't recall it having any pictures.

Google has failed me!
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Is it, by any chance, 'The Patchwork Girl of Oz'? That features a talking glass cat.
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It does look interesting, but nope, definitely not the book I am looking for. My "talking cat" was a crystal/glass/china ornament that could fit in the palm of a little girl's hand.
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Was it No Flying in the House?
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I am almost positive I read this book, except it was a crystal pig, not a cat. But definitely a tiny miniature glass figurine. I loved that book as a kid.
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Ooh... iconomy, I think you have it. I'd forgotten about the "sinister" side of the cat but reading reviews, it all sounds familiar. And the dog definitely became a miniature at the end... wow! That's awesome. I can't wait to read it again.
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It is totally Goodbye Pink Pig!
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Oh, the description on Amazon is much better. Seeing the cover at that first link totally confirmed it, though.
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Definitely No flying in the House! The girl's name is Annabel.
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No Flying In The House for sure - I loved that book!
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I had forgotten about this book - thank you so much for reminding me of it!
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No Flying in the House! It's a wonderful book; I still have it.
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No Flying in the House was my favorite book when I was little! It was out of print for a really long time and I remember being so excited when I tracked down a copy.
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oh! I was just talking about this book a few weeks ago (the elbow kissing thing) but I had completely forgotten the title. Thank you!
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