What to do in Edinburgh for a geek / otaku ?
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What to do in Edinburgh for a geek / otaku ?

I'am going to edinburgh soon, and if you have some adresses.
I'am looking for a nice club for the night a nice bookshop (with second hand books) a comics shop and some nice others adresses.
i've watched this thread already : http://ask.metafilter.com/14478/Fun-stuff-to-do-in-Edinburgh.
Thanks and regards
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Welcome to Auld Reekie! For a comic shop, go to Deadhead Comics on Candlemaker Row, which is smack in the city centre. You'll also find lots of bookshops with secondhand books in that area if you come out of the comic shop, then wander down the hill, through the Grassmarket and head towards Lothian Road via Bread Street. (You'll also encounter a few strip joints but don't let that put you off, there are some great shops in this area!)
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Also, Transreal Books is just down the hill from Deadhead Comics and Forbidden Planet Edinburgh is also nearby.

Club-wise, in the same area you might want to go to Cabaret Voltaire.
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Cutie House is a small shop on Cockburn Street (uphill from one of the bridges) that sells imported merchandise of Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Moomin and similar things. A friend of mine who likes things like that got a neat Totoro shaped backpack for about £20
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oops, I forgot to paste my link
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