Help me find a good ophthalmologist in Bellingham, WA.
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My optometrist just spotted a mystery mass in my left eye that's making my vision partially blurry. She's referring me to a specialist in Seattle who can see me in the middle of next month, but I'd really like to get an appointment sooner--and locally. Can anyone recommend a good, competent ophthalmologist with a decent bedside manner in Bellingham, WA?
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Are you insured? If so, you might be somewhat limited by the ophthalmologists in your insurance network.
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Personally I'd try calling back the specialist and impress on them the urgency of the situation. Tell them it's getting worse. Or that your optometrist said you had to be seen immediately. Work it a little bit. Those scheduling people have more power than they let on.
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At the very least, begin calling every afternoon to check for cancellations. After about the third day they'll just ask you when your preferred appointment time is. Funny, that - it works like magic.

Good eye docs ALWAYS make room for urgent
cases - they're your eyes! When your appointment comes, bring something to entertain yourself. I've been to a billion eye docs and none of them run on time precisely because they're always squeezing in urgent cases. Good luck!
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> Tell them it's getting worse.

Don't do this, unless the condition really is getting worse. Over-hyping the condition may get you into their office more quickly, but it can impact the diagnosis. You could put yourself on the road to unwarranted, overly-aggressive investigation or treatment. If you're anxious about the long wait to see the specialist, call them daily and inquire if there are any cancellations.
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It's not in Bellingham, but Grady Hughes at Seattle Eye Care came highly recommended by my top-rated rheumatologist (have to have annual checks for side effects of a medication I'm on) and indeed I found him to be extremely professional, pleasant, and accommodating of my weird schedule.
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Thanks, everybody. Good advice all around.
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