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The household is throwing a small-ish cocktail party next week, and I've prepared a few homemade syrups and flavored vodkas for the occasion. Help me make the best use of them?

We want to have some recipes for "signature cocktails" on hand, printed out and placed on the bar, that take advantage of what I've made, as well as being generally delicious. That said, we're expecting between ten and fifteen people, total, so I'm attempting to keep the amount of liquor we're purchasing to reasonable levels.

I'm open to any suggestions, although tried and tested concoctions are ideal of course. We'll definitely have bourbon, rum, gin, dry/sweet vermouth, triple sec, tonic/soda water, Campari, and grenadine on hand, but we'd be happy to pick up other spirits or liquors that we can get a lot of mileage out of (or are so delectable we don't care about being extravagant.) We're operating on a medium-sized budget.

As for what I've made....

Flavored vodkas:
-Red pepper (the spicy variety, it tastes a little smokey)

-Ginger (fresh)
-Spice (allspice/clove/nutmeg/cinnamon)
-Mint (fresh)
-brown sugar

I'm also open to making one or two more kinds of syrup beforehand, if anyone has suggestions.

Thank you in advance for any aid you can offer! I love experimenting, but there are only to many "test cocktails" one lady can imbibe.
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Jalapeno vodka in bloody marys was my favorite drink for years.
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Response by poster: OH! And we're also have limes and lemons (for wedges or juice) and olives on-hand as well. Obvious, maybe, but perhaps worth mentioning!
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Response by poster: ("we'll also have." A week before the revelry and I'm already losing my ability to type. How embarrassing!)
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Carrot juice + ginger syrup + lemon squeeze + vodka, maybe a splash of soda. Garnish with dill or lemon.

You could also use your red pepper vodka in it – one of the best spicy cocktails I've tasted was sweet and prepared with chili-infused vanilla vodka.
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Try grapefruit infused vodka with Campari and soda, or substitute grapefruit vodka for gin in a classic Negroni (gin, Campari, vermouth).
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You could do Grenadine. It's just a pomegranate syrup. Go good w. the grapefruit vodka and ginger --- perhaps with a slice of lemon and a splash of club soda?
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-The grapefruit vodka would go brilliantly in a personal creation of mine, the Sultri Phone-Voice. You'd need to pick up the bitters and OJ, but they're not expensive and ABSOLUTELY worth it. Think of bitters as "cocktail seasoning". Regan's Orange, Peychauds (sweet/spicy), and Angostura (Gingery) are my base three that I rely on.

-Mint syrup + bourbon = most of the way to a Mint Juelp.

-The spicy syrup might go well in a hot toddy: whiskey, syrup, squeeze of lemon, and some hot water. Mmm, warming on a cool evening.

-A Maiden's Prayer might be a nice base recipe to which you could try adding a few dashes of your flavored syrups, see how they evolve the taste of the drink.
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ginger syrup + lime juice + unfiltered sake + either spicy vodka =)
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muddle sugar, mint syrup + cilantro + lime
add some of your jalapeno vodka
shake and serve over ice topped with soda

shake ginger syrup with some fresh chopped strawberries, sour mix, vodka and serve up or over ice
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