daddy ain't so happy
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Are there any fairly dependable studies about depression and stay at home dads? Seems like everything I can find focuses on the moms. Daddy gets sad too.
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I did a Google Scholar search and found a few leads. Try caregiver as a search term.

Also FWIW, science takes awhile. Publishing is slow. SAHDs are sort of new. :)
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Links (from phone... Sorry):
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Also try searching Google for postnatal depression in men, which turns up some articles like this one.
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Anecdata not study, but you might find some commiseration value in Jeff Vogel's stories about new fatherhood.
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There was a study out recently. I am not sure if it's covered in the Guardian link above. It was covered here-

original paper- (multiple links; also check out the link about Dads' hormonal level changes during pregnancy)
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It's been ages since I read it, but you might take a look at

I Don't Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression. I don't remember how much is about dads specifically vs. men generally.

Probably more relevant: I went to PubMed and typed in "postnatal depression father" (thanks to rubbish bin night for suggesting the term "postnatal") and got several promising results, including

Prenatal and postpartum depression in fathers and mothers

Perinatal depression in men: fathers' needs remain unmet

Risk factors of paternal depression in the early postnatal period in Japan

Correlates of ante- and postnatal depression in fathers: A systematic review
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Rage Against the Meshugenah is an excellent book about male depression, though not directly related to being a SAHD.
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