Gunning for the Gunners
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Is it possible to get tickets for the Arsenal Shakhtar versus Donetsk game on October 19 at Emirates Stadium? I'll be in London for a few days around then and noticed the fixture. Any idea of how much they will cost? If not that game are there other Premier League or good Football League Championship games in London where midweek tickets might be possible to get?
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Best answer: Looks like it will be possible, and maybe not too expensive.

Have a look at the Arsenal ticket availability info for more details and prices.

Right now it's showing as open for booking from "Red Level" members, which is the lowest tier open-to-anyone membership level. You'd need to sign up for that level of membership though, as well as buying the ticket.

If you want to do that, I'd move fast, as I expect they'll sell out pretty quick.

Aside from membership options, there are "hospitality packages", but those are designed more for corporate use, and far from cheap. You might get a meal and other goodies thrown in though.

Tickets for "General Sale", i.e. to people that aren't members at all, are usually only available for a few very low profile games. Certainly not for Premier League or Champions League games.
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Best answer: As in the US, there are any number of scalpers around the Emirates on game day. If you really want to go, get scalper tickets - you'll pay a bit more, but less than Red level membership would cost.

Scalpers can be found anywhere from Arsenal tube station to the ground, which is out the tube station, to the right, and then follow the crowds. It's easy to find them.
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Best answer: That game goes on general sale today (in about half an hour, actually), so you should be able to get tickets without a membership if there're any left.
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Now on general sale as per Kreiger's link: it's showing limited availability around the ground - prices like £39-44.

Other possibilities: There aren't any midweek PL games that week: Spurs and Chelsea are at home on the 23rd, though I doubt you'd get tickets to either (maybe Spurs..). Arsenal and Fulham are at home on the 16th, Fulham sometimes has tickets on general sale, but they are playing Tottenham so that's less likely (local rivals).

Down to the Championship, Millwall are at home on the 19th (but don't go...), QPR on the 16th. That looks like about it, I'm afraid.
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Also, check out

They have a ticket exchange that might be useful to you.
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Also in the Championship Watford are at home on both the 19th (Ipswich, currently 2nd in the League and managed by Roy Keane) and 23rd (Scunthorpe).

Tickets will be available from the club for around £20, and whilst not strictly "London", is no further from Central London than QPR (20 minutes from Euston by overground train).
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Response by poster: Thanks folks, I now have a ticket for the Champions League game from the Arsenal web site.
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