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What web based email provider would you suggest as an alternative to my current one?

I'm looking to change email providers and I can't seem to get used to Gmail. I've been using Yahoo ever since they bought Oddpost a few years back.

Here's what I'm interested in:

Ability to drag and drop
No ads or marketing
Folders and subfolders
Migration of both emails and contacts from my old account
Ability to use my Oddpost account (which Yahoo allowed users to keep) as my primary address for composing and as a reply-to
Use of this service with 'push' on my Blackberry
One which has been around for a while (I had a provider go bankrupt on me in 1999)
A support staff which actually has a reliable way to contact them
Minimum attachment size of 10mb

Basically, I'm looking for a service similar to Yahoo Premium, which isn't Yahoo, and I'm happy to pay for it. Thanks.
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Have a look at Fastmail. They've been around for years and seem to offer everything you are looking for.
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Get your own domain and hosting that includes webmail.
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GMX email Most like Yahoo I have seen.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, Fastmail doesn't have the drag and drop functionality. And I was actually trying out GMX last night, but I can't seem to find a link to migrate all my old emails/folders over from Yahoo.

If anyone is still reading this, do you have a suggestion for a host which offers webmail with my list of wants? All my current domains are with which uses SmarterMail 5.5 Enterprise, and I also can't seem to find the migrate function. Any ideas?
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I'm not sure about all those requirements, as mine are pretty low-end and I never bothered to do anything technical (except testing that IMAP works fine), but Runbox has been a solid, well administered and reliable webmail provider for my "serious stuff" email account.
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For GMX, in the Settings box there is a link on the left called mail collector. This will bring all your other email into the fold.
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Response by poster: Runbox seems to offer almost everything, except I've now spoken with their tech support and you can't migrate all your old emails/folders over from Yahoo.

GMX's mail collector only seems to migrate over items from the Yahoo inbox. Am I doing it wrong?
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How does one set GMX so that it starts from the Inbox automatically, so I don't have to click on "Go to Inbox" every single time?
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Gmail is the best. So many features--known and unknown.
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