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I need some rather specific statistical data: the number of tourists to visit Berlin in the past few years, broken down by age. [see more inside for details]

Hi! Thanks for stopping in. I know there are few of you on here who would click on a question about searching statistical datasets, so I appreciate it. Make yourself comfortable; have some cookies. Great.

So, I've already been to the website of the Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg and have only been able to find stats on the number of guests housed in the city's hospitality industry, without any differentiation by age. I'm looking for stats to back up the claim that Berlin hosts a very high proportion of young(-ish) tourists, particularly for nightlife tourism. I know i won't find any stats on how many people come to Germany specifically for nightlife tourism, but I was hoping that I could at least support my claim about age-distribution. Any suggestions? Eurostat is no help, either.
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The tourist office looks like it gets its data from the Amt für Statistik, but perhaps if you try contacting someone from the press
Also, you could try going directly to a contact at the Amt für Statistik.

It seems like the sort of data someone should have collected at some point...
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Also, the Berlin government, the EU, and Berlin Tourism Marketing corporation are currently running a study "Kulturmonitoring" which seems like it might be collecting some of the data you need.

(if you read German, here's the article I found that mentions it)
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Thanks, polexa. The "Kulmon" project is tantalizingly promising, although the Sentatskulturverwaltung archives of press releases are broken and the other company (Berlin Tourismus Marketing GmbH) seems to be having server issues with the press section of its website. SO CLOSE.
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