Keyboard Input Suddenly Slow
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Why is my laptop's keyboard input suddenly extremely slow?

Without making any changes in my hardware settings or installing any new software, I am finding that my keyboard input is suddenly very, very slow. So slow that even typing this message is excruciating.

Here is an example:
By the time I finished typing this sentence the only words actually on the screen were "By the time".

And then I had to wait like eight more seconds for it to catch up.

This is especially weird because my system does not otherwise seem any slower, and I am still able to run multiple programs without difficulty. I've experimented with changing performance settings and shutting down all other applications, but that does not seem to have made any difference.

Thoughts? Theories? Suggestions?
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Make sure your memory is properly seated. I noticed a couple weeks ago that my laptop was being super slow (keyboard slowness was one of the things I noticed.) I checked and at some point I'd knocked one thing of RAM completely out of place and it was just floating about the compartment all willy nilly.
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Some kind of assistive technology you've turned on by accident? Did you hit the shift key five times?
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Yeah, AmbroseChapel has it. You turned on Filter Keys in windows or Slow Keys in Ubuntu.
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I had this exact problem with a Dell Inspiron 1505 recently. The cause, oddly enough, was a battery that was completely dead and unable to hold a charge at all.

I shut the computer completely down, removed the battery, and booted back up on A/C power with no battery. Everything was fine immediately.

I found the solution here, thanks to the ALL CAPS TYPIST.
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Try going into your BIOS and seeing if you are still are seeing slow keyboard input.
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I just want to be sure you're not using a bluetooth keyboard? I have the same problem on my laptop when I'm using the bluetooth keyboard and I think I'm narrowed it down to bandwidth. When I'm downloading large files or copying across my network it seems to cause problems. In addition to being slow, the keyboard also repeats (as if a key were stuck).
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