How to replicate the feel of a dolphin?
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How to replicate the feel of a dolphin?


I am doing a project that requires making a dolphin sculpture (made of fiberglass) to look & feel as close to a real dolphin as much as possible. I'm looking for suggestions on how to achieve this.

Would you guys know of any types of paint or fabric which we can use for this? In particular, in achieving the feel of the skin of a dolphin, which is very smooth like jello.

Thank you!
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A very fine suede or velvet on top of a gel of some sort?
posted by Grither at 12:38 PM on September 22, 2010

Smooth rubber, probably silicone-based. For extra verisimilitude, build in a fountain that keeps a thin layer of water running over the whole thing.
posted by jedicus at 12:48 PM on September 22, 2010

Maybe you could contact Bridgestone and ask what kind of material they used for this prosthetic dolphin fin.
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A wet dolphin feels like a wet inner tube. I don't know what a dry dolphin feels like. jedicus's idea is probably along the right lines.
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I have heard that a dolphin feels like a hard-boiled egg. So I suppose silicone or rubber would be your best options.
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I'll 3rd jedicus' description. Rubbery, smooth, damp and cool were my impressions on the one occasion I touched a dolphin.
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What about rubber cement?
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You can get neoprene with an outer coating of smooth rubber. I've seen it most often on car seats.
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