Help me find this list picking interface element
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Is there a name for the UI element with two list columns, and an add and a remove button between them that transfer list items from one column to the other? Is there a good free javascript implementation out there that would be easyish to integrate into a Spring Surf (Alfresco Share) application?
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I've implemented it several times before as two JLists and two JButtons in a JPanel. Honestly, there's not really any need for an existing implementation. Just add the components to the JPanel, use an appropriate layout, and add a couple of ActionListeners to the buttons.
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Oh, crap. You said "javascript" and "Spring", not "Java" and "Swing". Disregard.
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Best answer: The name is list picker or double list picker.

Here's some javascript code to help you get started.
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Best answer: Here's a jQuery plugin
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Best answer: I've come across it described as List Builder in Tidwell's Designing Interfaces.
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