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I'm going to travel a bit and might try to combine that with shopping. (a very novel notion, I know) Price-comparisons wanted.

I'm trying to find sites which compare prices of the same or similar products in different countries. Right now I'm trying to find out what an unlocked iPhone costs around the globe, and since electronics are expensive in Sweden I'm primarily looking at that. But if you know of particular products which are much cheaper in a specific region, I'd like to learn of it. (Or of sites which list them and update prices, preferably)

(I asked a related question about Hawaii a while back, and got "pineapple, macadamians and ukulele" as suggestions for what's worth buying there)

For obvious reasons, smaller and lighter stuff would be easier to transport, so I'd have less use for cheap potatoes than for cheap vegan sausage.
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Lately I'm fascinated by great deals on custom tailored clothing (for folks traveling to India & China). Not sure if that's up your alley, but it's something I'd take advantage of, given the chance.
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If you are interested in beer at all (though this falls into the heavier category), really excellent Belgian beer is cheap, cheap, cheap in Belgium and the Netherlands. Think 750ml bottles of Chimay for 3 euro (compare to $9.99 and up in the States). This strategy, however, can backfire when you get to Customs. Remember to factor that in.
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If there's a country you want to visit purely for shopping, go to India. Not so much with regard to electronics, but definitely for "stuff" in general, even very high quality things. I don't think I've ever shopped more in my life. I came home with a hand embroidered silk/wool shawl, various nice articles of clothing (mostly of the styles popular among contemporary well-off cosmopolitan Indians, not so much what you would buy at H&M), painted wood deities, a couple pairs of shoes, puppets in silk costumes, old hand-pulled Bollywood posters, and a shrine. Most bought for a fracking song (the shrine was a little pricey).
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