Thanksgiving vacation rentals in New England
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I'm looking for a vacation rental house in New England for Thanksgiving week. Can you tell me the best listing sites for such rentals, or give direct suggestions for rentals you've used that fit my criteria?

My family is spending Thanksgiving in New England. We're looking for a vacation rental with at least three bedrooms and a sleeper sofa, and which is no more than one hour from Cambridge, MA (my sister and brother-in-law live there, and may be working during the first part of the week, so we want to make sure we're within easy driving distance). We are not particular about which direction from Cambridge, so it could be in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Rhode Island. Our budget is about $1500 for the week.

Where should I look to find such a place? Can you point me to any good rentals or listing sites?
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We've had great luck with and in various areas of the country (although we've never looked in New England). The search functionality is pretty good.
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Seconding VRBO. We've found our last five or so summer vacation rentals there, and it's always worked out well.
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Both of the above are excellent--there is also CyberRentals but I believe their listing is almost identical to Home Away. HomeAway and Cyberrentals have a much better filtering filtering system than VRBO.
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Thanks, everyone. I've started looking at VRBO, and will check out Home Away, too.
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If you're looking to be an hour from Cambridge, Connecticut shouldn't be in your search zone. You probably want to stick to southern New Hampshire or eastern Massachusetts.
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An hour from Cambridge really isn't far. It'll barely get you to the Cape or to Newport, both places that have an abundance of summer-time rentals that would probably love to offer a place during the off season.
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We've decided to limit our search to Cape Ann. Thanks everyone!
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