Lady Gaga Rally
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At her DADT rally the other day, Lady Gaga's podium had a banner that read "#4THE4K Rally'. What does that mean?
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It was a typo, referring to the Twitter tag #4the14k, which "refers to the ~14,000 gay/lesbian soldiers discharged under DADT".
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I read something stating that the military discharges an average 4000 men and women every year under the current dadt policy.

So it's for the four thousand of them I assume. Preceeded by the # of course for twitter usage.
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According to this, the second "4" was a typo. It's supposed to be 4THE14K (translated as "FOR THE 14,000" -- 14,000 servicemen/women discharged under DADT)
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I read that it was a typo -- it should have been "4the14k" (i.e., "for the 14,000") in reference to the 14,000 servicepeople discharged under DADT.
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Best answer: You want to be Googling "#4THE14K" (not 4k). It was the name of the rally; the "#" denotes a twitter hastag, so it's easily searchable on twitter. (And the number comes from the fact that about fourteen thousand service members have been discharged under don't-ask-don't-tell.)
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