Reliable FTP client for iPad?
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Reliable FTP client for iPad, including direct editing of remote text files (ideally with some degree of syntax highlighting) and uploading of non-text files? All options I've found in the App Store have mixed-to-poor reviews.
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Could you provide a list of ones you're already looked at and decided not to pursue? That would narrow down the list of possible ones that could be offered that you might have been missed.
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(well reason I ask is I was about to suggest ftponthego but was unsure if you've already evaluated it)
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HTML edit is another that includes syntax highlighting.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I haven't eliminated any; I just haven't found any that are clearly great either.

So, you like FTPOntheGo?

--- Here are my notes:

FTPOntheGo PRO - 3.5 star rating. No SFTP, no syntax highlighting, yes line wrapping, unclear if line numbers possible.

Gusto - 3.5 star rating. No SFTP, no line wrapping, no syntax highlighting, yes line numbers.

iFTPEdit - 3.0 star rating (by only 2 people). No SFTP, no syntax highlighting, no line numbers.

Markup - 2.5 star rating. No SFTP, no syntax highlighting, reported to be crashy, can't create a new remote file, no indication of xfer progress or success/failure, no support except via Twitter (!).

HTML Edit - 2.0 star rating. No SFTP, yes basic syntax highlighting, no use in landscape mode, no cut & paste (!), reported to be very crashy.
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I haven't purchased any of these but looking at that list HTML edit...even though it has the lowest rating it seems to me to have the most promise at the same time. It looks like they're also receptive to requests from their forums with landscape mode planned for a future release.

For the other apps, I'm not seeing as much interactivity with customers..

For most of these, it looks like they're in the early stages of development I'd gauge your choice based on the community around them and the activity of their support forums/development cycles.

Ah, if only they could all be combined into 1 app! Hopefully it'll get there someday. For now I'd grab HTML Edit and possibly Gusto or FTPOntheGO to fill in the feature gaps HTML Edit is missing. Not ideal, I know...if development on HTML Edit continues at a steady pace however I'm feeling that'll be the app of choice down the road.
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