Ideas requested for a computer desk lamp
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Our computer desk needs a lamp and I need ideas.

We bought a computer desk (photo, measurements), but found we need a lamp to provide light for the work surface in front of the monitor. My searches found this; the comments indicate it gives off a great deal of light which would seem to be important given the lamp would be more than two feet from the work surface.

Any and all ideas are most appreciated!
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150 watts sounds appallingly bright to me. I would use a 150-watt bulb to light a fairly large room.

I have a regular old desk lamp with a 60-watt bulb.

Unless you're performing surgery at your desk, you don't really need that much light. And I find that a low or downward-pointing light that's too bright is very hard on the eyes.
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Picture Lights, adaptable to desk tasks.
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Don't know if you're near an Ikea, but the Antifoni is a great lamp for a workspace.
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Design*Sponge has some ideas for you.
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