Looking for sewing notions supplier.
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I'm looking for a supplier of sewing notions.

I'm hoping to find someplace that carries ALL of the following:

1. Button hole elastic
2. "Soft and flexible" velcro in black or navy blue
3. Jeans top stitching thread (dark gold)
4. Jeans rivets in antique copper or antique brass
5. Jeans buttons in antique copper or antique brass
6. #16 snaps in navy blue
7. stretch denim fabric
8. 4" brass jeans zippers

I've done varying searches on google, and I can't seem to find just one place that carries everything. The one place that I know does (Notions Marketing) is a distributor that requires you to have a storefront (real or virtual), which I do not have. I'm fine with setting up a business name and such in order to work with a distributor, I just don't know of anyone that works with non-retailers. (I'm a crafter and will be making toddler jeans for sale.)

So, MeFites, help a girl out! Where is this stuff?
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You might ask on PatternReview's forums; there are a lot of folks there who are small-volume sellers.
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Try Createforless.com. I think they have everything on your list except the denim fabric as they do not sell fabric but notions.
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Oh, they have 6" jeans zippers, but it's easy to shorten a zipper.
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The 4" jeans zipper is probably going to be the sticking point, although as cecic says, it's easy enough to shorten a zipper.

Have you tried online fabric stores? many of them carry notions as well. (Fabric.com, Fabric Mart, Fashion Fabrics Club.)

A few places to look (I know that many of these places will have everything but the fabric):
Home Sew, Nancy's Notions, Atlanta Thread, Greenberg & Hammer (they don't have their online shop up yet, but I've had good experiences emailing them).
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I understand your question is about a single source for these items. I'm afraid I don't know of one -- in fact, most of my recent sewing projects have required items from multiple sources because of this.

That being said:

ZipperStop has a great selection of zippers, some as small as 4" -- though they are not jeans (metal) zippers. You may want to email them and see if they are able to acquire what you need. Their service is great and their shipping is reasonable.

Cleaner Supply has a jeans thread you may like -- great service, reasonable prices -- I picked up some Tailor's chalk from them recently and I'm not sure how I lived without it.

GrommetMart has great rivets and buttons. Their customer service, in my opinion, is awful (when something I ordered was out of stock, they sent me the wrong thing, and wanted me to pay to ship it back...), but the quality of their supplies seems quite nice to me, and they have a good selection for jeans making.

Fabric.com has some nice, lighter weight stretch denim -- I've recently ordered a swatch of this fabric, and will definitely be buying some for jeans.

Again, sorry I don't know of a single source, but I wanted to share some of these resources.
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Steinlauf and Stoller has a large selection of unusual notions. Not sure they have everything that you require, but a good resource, nonetheless.
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