Do you know what this strange sea creature is?
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I saw this mysterious item on a kayaking trip in Ten Thousand Islands in January. I can't even tell if it's plant or animal or what. . . This has been bugging me for a while, thought I'd try here. For reference, according to my memory this object is about 8-10" long. Any clues are appreciated!
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Looks a lot like a whelk egg case.
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Seconding Ery. It is a whelk egg case .

The thing in the center of it appears to be some form of seaweed or plant that has attached to the floating object and grown out.
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Yup. If you were to have taken one of the little cells and split it open, you would've found itty bitty little conch shells inside. Seconding also strixus's call on the hanger-on, too.
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Just chiming in to say that's exactly what it is. Though as a kid we always called them mermaid's necklaces. Tangent: and the egg cases of skates were their purses. Each section contains dozens of teeny tiny whelks.
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Response by poster: Wow thanks, that was quick! Now I wish I had opened one of the cells! Maybe better to leave nature undisturbed though. . .
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