Music for party for 11-year old girl?
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Suggestions for party music?

I'm helping with party ideas for an 11-year old girl. She is having an "enchanted forest" themed party. I automatically thought of Lorenna McKennit, but I am wondering if that would be too "adult"....? Or should we just leave it at the top-40 type stuff that she listens to now?

Any suggestions would be very helpful! Thanks much!
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Response by poster: and i'm also even wondering if a party of 11-year olds are even going to notice what's on for music or not! :)
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The only time in my life I was ever able to stomach Loreena McKennitt was when I was 11 (when my mom happened to be going through her Pure Moods phase). I think she'd be appropriate. You could also do the score from Lord of the Rings. I imagine there will be too much giggling/squealing/screaming for any background music to really be heard, anyway.
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What about some of the music from The Chronicles of Narnia movies?
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Avatar soundtrack, Enya, Deep Forest. Also, Ashley MacIsaac's Sleepy Maggie comes to my mind for some reason.
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Lord of the Rings soundtrack?
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The DragonHeart soundtrack!!! One of my favorites.
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Response by poster: yeah, phunniemee, i agree that there will probably be alot of that going on! but i will check out these soundtracks for sure. thanks for all the answers so far!
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Bat for Lashes?
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Joanna Newsom.

Definitely have the usual Top 40 stuff on reserve for when she or her friends decide this stuff is just too weird.
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Response by poster: on a side note, Bat for Lashes is awesome! i had heard "Daniel", but i checked out her other stuff--it's great. thanks for the reminder!
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