Help me get the perfect mattress in NYC!
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Help me get the perfect mattress in NYC!

I need a queen-size mattress. I've been reading old AskMe posts and SleepLikeTheDead. But I am special, so some customized help would be awesome.

-I am out of shape (albeit slim) and have flare-ups of really bad back pain that is, in a large way, stress-based. Twelve hours of helping friends move? No problem. An hour of trying to clean my room (which is, due to a number of reasons, ridiculously difficult in a way which is very mentally stressful) and I'm laid out for an hour, unable to move from the pain.

-I can only fall sleep on my back.

-I sleep hot. Like, furnace-hot. Just this side of the Human Torch. So does my girlfriend. Unfortunately, unlke my girlfriend, who can sleep through armageddon itself, I have a horribly difficult time falling and staying asleep if it is even a little too warm. It is almost always a little too warm.

-Like every New Yorker, I am terrified of bedbugs. Should I get a bedbug cover right off the bat? Which one? Do I get it at the store and try to get it thrown in as part of the deal or is there One True Brand I need to go with?

-As far as I can tell, Spa Sensations is the best mattress for me, even though it's foam. Anyone have experience with it? Should I avoid it on principle? I've read that all mattresses are made roughly even so paying premium doesn't make sense, but I'm wary about buying one only available at WalMart.

And for the NYC part: where do I get this mattress? It will need to go to Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. I'd prefer a store, rather than online, as I will have an Expert Haggler on my side.
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Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY FROM BLOOMINGDALE'S. I ordered a mattress from them and it turned into, no joke, a three week epic of frustration. A friend of mine, a fellow NYer, was pleased with the bed and the service he received from Sleepy's. H

I have back problems myself and I recommend you go to a store and try out several beds before you buy. Back problems can be very individual and so you need to figure out what type works best for your issues. You can go to a department store or bed store, try beds, and write down which ones you like. Go home and surf around for prices/services (like removal of your previous bed. )

As for bed bug stuff. I've actually had them (when I first moved into the apartment, I suspect from the moving van). Generally I've been alright with the covers I've purchased at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, which ran me a little over 30 bucks. However, you should get covers for the bed, pillows, and box spring.
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Sleepy's has a pretty terrible reputation. I'd avoid them like the plague if I were you.

Buying a mattress is such a chore these days; you have my sympathies. In fact, I just recently replaced my 3 year old foam mattress with a different "eco" brand and I can honestly say it was one of the most unpleasant buying experiences I've ever had. Not because of the vendor -- but just doing all of the research and reading all of the bedbug horror stories beforehand -- agony! I'm still on the fence about the mattress I ended up buying, which is why I'm not recommending it just yet. All I can tell you is:

1. Do plenty of research, both online and off. Talk to friends and family. If someone has an especially great recommendation (and you have a good relationship with them) ask them if you can test their bed.
2. Try to test the mattress at the store in advance, if possible.
3. Don't let yourself be bullied by salespeople into making a decision before you're ready. If it's "on sale" once, it'll be on sale again.
4. DO NOT ever accept delivery of any mattress that looks as if it's been opened before they deliver it to you -- I don't care what the store's return policy is -- one of the main ways that bedbugs are spread is when delivery companies use the same truck to transport old and new mattresses.

Good luck.
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P.S. Don't buy the mattress protector until after you order your bed; since mattresses vary in thickness, you won't know what size protector to buy until the last minute. I ended up going with this one from my local Bed Bath and Beyond.
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While this may not help you find the perfect mattress, this is a pretty good article that is worth a read by anyone looking for a mattress. We live in a world where 'more expensive = better' and this article tells you what's what in the sleep business:
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