what's the best electric blanket for a massage table ?
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A friend is looking for the perfect electric blanket to keep her massage table warm for the people she will be massaging (nothing kinky, sorry to disappoint). She's looking for electric blankets that heats quickly (under 15 minutes would be perfect), also required : a timer. This has to be an electric blanket for one person. Any make/model available in Europe to recommend ?
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My massage therapist puts heat pads underneath the sheet for this purpose.
posted by desuetude at 9:07 AM on September 21, 2010

Yeah, a Thermophore with an elastic band holding the switch down makes a good table-warmer, and then it's pre-warmed for actual heat therapy if necessary.
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You might look for an outlet timer that turns off power to the blanket. If you find the right blanket without a timer, you'll still be good to go.
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Here's a table warmer specifically for massage tables that's sold in the UK.
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You might want to search for "heated throw" when looking for a small electric blanket.
Here's one, with a shut-off timer.
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