Where on Northern California Coast, 1960?
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Where was this photo taken? It's on the Northern California coast in 1960. There's a house that is probably recognizable in the photo.

Furthering my developing of old exposed film, I found this picture on a roll of black and white film shot in 1960 (yes, 50 years between exposure and development). The color version is a slide I had scanned last year.
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First photo makes me think of Monterey bay.
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Also: note the shadow on the building: it's higher up (closer to the window) in the color photo. I think this is taken facing north, and that the color photo was taken after the black and white photo.
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I don't bet on anything, but I'd bet Monterey Bay. I'll look at my own honeymoon photos (in Monterey Bay) in a little bit here
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It's Central California. Carmel, Morro Bay, Pismo Beach, San Simeon or around in there. Especially given that there looks to be a picture taken at Hearst Castle directly before it.
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Best answer: So, this might not be right. A lot has changed since 1960, and the house in the photo might not even be there anymore. But look at this. It's in Carmel. If you look at it in satellite view, please note the pale rectangular house; it isn't (currently) visible from the road if you're approaching it from the south. But if you street-view it from the north, looking south to the house, it kind of looks like the one in the photos.

Anyway, I agree that it's likely Monterey Bay somewhere.
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Actually, try a little south of Carmel Bay. I distinctly recall some rockin' 50s pads out on the edge of the earth in that area.
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Yeah, rtha's got it. Google Street View says "26316 scenic dr carmel ca"
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Best answer: The pictures are mostly from the wrong direction but I think it's the Butterfly House in Carmel. There's a couple of shots from inside the house that show the coastline to the North and it looks right.
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Best answer: rtha's nailed it I think. Check the roof out in the Bing Aerial Bird's Eye view. Match to the terrain and it sure looks close. I expect the photo is from the 90 degree turn Scenic Rd takes there by the beach.
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It's sometimes called the Butterfly House.
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Too late! I remember it from driving down the coast with my family - really beautiful.
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Response by poster: Yeah, rtha has it. Here's the view of the house looking south and Here's the view looking north (where the house is now blocked by another house) with the rock formations looking the same.

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Wow. Yay Metafilter.
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The Butterfly House is (or more specifically the waters it overlooks are) a popular destination for SCUBA divers.
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California Coastline.org has an interesting photo as well.
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Even if the house were obscured, if you go a little south and look north (past the lady walking her dog in Google Street View) you can see the rocks - the one that's kinda a dome of bleached rock is pretty prominent.
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late to the party, but i instantly recognized it as my family lives about two blocks from there!! good job, hive mind!!!
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