iPhoto won't load
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iPhoto help: I was importing photos and when it was complete, it wouldn't let me go to the library, so I had to restart my iBook, and now iPhoto won't load. I looked in the Apple help forums, but they're no help at all. This ever happen to you?
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More details please...

It would help if you explained exactly what "it wouldn't let me go to the library" meant -- what happened when you tried it? Why did you have to restart? What exactly happens when you try to run iPhoto again?

(Also, run /Applications/Utilities/Console, then try to run iPhoto, and see if any messages show up... if so, tell us what they are.)
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What do you mean by "won't load"? Is the application bouncing in the dock but never finishing?

My first line of defense for "inexplicable endless bouncing" is usually to repair permissions. You can do that in Disk Utility in your Utilities folder.

(What kind of answers did you get from your post on the Apple forums? Any advice that you tried from there that didn't help?)
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Response by poster: The program opens and then quits and gives me that message asking if I want to notify apple.

The console gives me a message like this:

*** malloc: vm_allocate(size=2835333120) failed (error code=3)
*** malloc[426]: error: Can't allocate region
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iPhoto seems to want to allocate a 2.8GB region of memory for some reason. depending on how much ram you have, you may or may not have this much virtual memory available. this request is for so much memory that i have to guess that something is definitely hosed up with iPhoto.

what i'd do is move the iPhoto preferences out of ~/Library/Preferences/ to somewhere else. the file is called "com.apple.iPhoto.plist". start iPhoto after moving the preferences and see if it comes up.
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I would also suggest you boot from your Mac OSX installation disk and load disk utility and run it and see if it finds any errors on your hard drive. This will tell you if you have a larger problem on your HD. If you do, disk utility may be able to repair it.
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Remove the iPhoto folder from your Pictures folder, launch iPhoto and reimport your pictures (you might have dig around inside the iPhoto folder to find them if you don't have other copies).

(joeblough: Pre-Tiger Macs can't allocate a 2.8GB block of memory, since the top half of the 4 GB address space is used for special purposes, meaning the largest single block available is a bit under 2 GB)
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Response by poster: If I do that, won't I lose all of my groups?
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Response by poster: *sigh* Well, I started importing before I waited for an answer and I am sickened to report that while, yes, all of my photos are importing nicely (9000+ Photos...should be done sometime tomorrow), I've lost all the groupings, all my ratings, and some of the photos I KNOW I reoriented have returned to their original sideways positions.

If anyone has a way to keep from having to do this again, please feel free to post a solution here. I'll be over here kicking myself in the ass.
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I had a similar problem with iPhoto, it crashed while importing and wouldn't restart. I never got a satisfactory answer from Apple and finally resolved it myself by upgrading to a newer version.

I did run it from the command line one time and it was (this is a while ago) generating an error that looks similar to yours.

Make sure you've got the most up to date version that's available to you installed (via Software Update - '05 is the newest and for sale) - that might help.
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