Pack clothing to go to 2nd home?
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We just bought a condo (with a large closet in the master) in a ski resort town about 1 1/2 hours from our home. we use it on weekends and for vacation. I have a question about keeping clothes there or packing clothes each time we go. I thought originally it would make sense to keep clothes there but am finding it kind of makes me crazy. It seems like unless I remember what is there, I am forever guessing wrong. For example, last time I was there I was with only one pair of underwear because I thought i had some there. Anyone have any advice for me that will simplify my clothing life? It almost seems easiest to just pack all of what i need for the weekend. We go about 2 weekends per month and I visit random times alone during the month. Thank you!
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First question: do you have laundry facilities there? (Sub-question: do you use them?)

I can see getting really confused if you continually take the condo clothes home with you to wash.
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yes sorry I should have told you I have a washer and dryer in the condo. thanks
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Why don't you just keep an inventory? The next time you visit just take a few minutes and write down what you have in the closet and what you leave. Then the next time you go you've got a list that you can refer to while you're packing. If you take things home to wash or if things get torn or worn out you can just cross them off your list.
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why not keep 7 days' worth of essentials stocked there?
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If you were interested in keeping an inventory, you could use Evernote as it's a pretty slick way to keep things in sync.

Barring that, could you just stock up on extra essentials (socks, underwear, tshirts) for the condo?
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Barring that, could you just stock up on extra essentials (socks, underwear, tshirts) for the condo?

This. If you are able to, it would be easier to eventually buy whatever you need for a weekend or a week (jeans, t-shirts, outerwear) and keep it permanently on the condo.
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Yeah, my plan would be to have a list of what's there. The next time you go, note what you're missing, and bring it. Keep doing it until you've got everything you need, and then don't take things home. When you wear out or run out of something, take note and replace it the next time you return.
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The only thing I see that is challenging about what most of you has posted above is that I would need 2 stylish (! haha) wardrobes and that sounds complicated and expensive.

what am I missing here?
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Every time you leave the condo you could snap a quick photo of what's in your closet. That way, you'll know what's there if you want to supplement it with something else on your next visit, and you'll know what's there if you decide to leave a few things behind.

It'd be like a low-budget version of Cher's closet from Clueless.
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Buy a second set of basics -- socks, underwear, pyjamas, whatever you wear around, a pair of jeans -- and bring your favourite clothes back and forth.
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My family keeps all ski related gear at the vacation home. (long johns, socks, outergear, all spare gloves etc.) We also make sure everyone has at least a weeks worth of underwear, and old sweats/tshirts (Ones you are still perfectly happy to wear, but have too many of! the vacation home is NOT a dumping ground for old clothes) Unstylish sneakers, or ones too dirty for city life were also banished to the vacation home (and then it didn't matter if you got your "upstate shoes dirty"- this works for adults as well, somehow around ski resorts etc something always gets wet or muddy). Additionally, when I was young, my parents mandated one set of clean "nice" clothes for going out to dinner (nice shirt/button down etc) would be stored at the vacation home. (which led to interesting situations as you went through growth spurts...)

So you've got a stockpile of wearable clothes, but not stuff you'd really wear at home. When we go up, we all grab normal clothes (jeans/tshirts/nice shirt whatevs) in a small duffle/carryon sized bag, but know that in a worst case scenario, we've got clean, dry clothes as backup. And after a long day of skiing, everyone (even guests) will appreciate the option of lounging in sweats (hilarious logos make for awesome stories!) (unless of course you then hit apre ski, in which case, sweats don't cut it and I can't help you there)

Additionally, after a few years, you'd go through the "upstate house" clothes, and donate to the local church/fire-station, and it gets you a bunch of random goodwill/lets you meet the locals. It was always more fun to donate clothing upstate at the firehouse as often we'd get a tour of the truck/ambulance as part of the deal. (probably not relevant to you, but relevant to me as a 7yr old)

We do keep doubles of all toiletries, make up, first aid kits in both homes. Additionally, we always stockpiled things like pasta, and soups (get a flat of Campbells from Costco!) and froze milk and stock. That way, you can show up whenever and not worry about having to go grocery shopping right away. but that's a different story/question :)
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and on preview, it's what everyone else said. Stockpile basics, carry your favorite stuff, make sure to have extra warm things.
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regarding the expense of keeping a backup/onsite wardrobe, i think that the fact that you purchased a condo that you use just for holidays/vacations suggested you'd be able to foot the bill for seven days worth of underwear/etc.

if that is not an option, then yes packing for each trip or keeping a three-day bag in your car's trunk sound like the best solutions.
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The only thing I see that is challenging about what most of you has posted above is that I would need 2 stylish (! haha) wardrobes and that sounds complicated and expensive.

You own a condo in a ski resort and you are complaining about clothes being too expensive?

Now on to the helpful-

My suggestion is to always keep 7 pairs of everything there, including sweaters. This way everything's covered for a week, most likely longer if you have a washer and dryer. You will also know that you have 7 pairs of everything there.

I like the idea of evernote.
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As far as stylish, the clothes you stock at the condo should be basics. If you want to have things for going out, think solid color button shirts, black pencil skirts and slacks. It is entirely possible to have a stock of basics that you jazz up (or down) with accessories. Have three tops and three bottoms that all work with each other. When you go for the weekend, bring the shoes and jewelry to go with. If you're the type to match bags, keep those at the condo. If you've got a vacation condo at a ski resort, you have to be aware that smashing classics are going to look chic no matter what the "style" currently is. Just pick well made things that flatter you.
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Err... write down what you're leaving there before you leave?
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I visit my out-of-town significant other about twice a month, and here is approximately what I have there, when the stars are aligned. It doesn't include any sports gear or other specifics, but for wardrobe basics it does pretty well.

- Underwear/socks/etc for about a week
- One dress I can wear 'out'
- One skirt
- One pair of jeans
- 4-5 basic shirts that go with both of the above
- One pair of nice-ish shoes (black flats). When I visit I wear a pair of season-appropriate shoes - sandals or boots, depending on the season.

Outerwear and any jewelry/accessories travel back and forth with me. If I am feeling extra fashionable/planful I may try and coordinate my pants, sweater, whatever, with the stuff at SO's house. I'll try to make sure some tights and long underwear end up living there as winter approaches.

The exact actual composition of the 'wardrobe' such as it is changes from visit to visit (gotta wear something home!), but this is what I aim for. Between the above and whatever I wear there I am usually set for the weekend.
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Just one more note: this is approximately what I'd pack for a trip of about a week or a little more. It might be helpful to think about what your own 'suitcase' for a trip about twice the length of your usual stay (allowing for laundry and variation) would include, and leave that there.
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You might want to get underwear and socks all in a specific color or style that marks them as your "ski condo clothes." That way it will be easy to recognize which ones you should leave there and keep them separate from the "city clothes" that you might have worn or brought with you. Consider setting up two small hampers, too, one for ski condo laundry and one for "return to town" clothes/laundry.

I would need 2 stylish (! haha) wardrobes and that sounds complicated and expensive.

How stylish do you need to be at the ski resort? (An honest question—I don't frequent ski resorts and I don't know the culture.)

As for building two wardrobes, you don't have to do it all at once. As you buy new clothes, the ski condo can be an intermediate step between your main wardrobe and the donation box for the older clothes that might still be good enough to wear but that you need to clear out of your home closet. You can also keep an eye out for end-of-season sales and the like; if you buy a sweater at full price and find yourself wearing it all the time, see if its twin goes on sale a couple months later.

A written or photographic inventory, as others have already suggested, will help you in the beginning. But I think as you develop a collection of clothes that "live" at the ski condo permanently, and you only ever see and use them in that context, it will be easier to remember and rely on what you have there.
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Underwear is cheap. So are socks. Buy another complete set that you keep at the condo.
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