Furniture Repair or Making in Chicago
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Antique furniture repair/cabinetmaking. in Chicago. The place I used in the past to repair antique furniture is closed (the man retired). There was a sign on the door which did not suggest alternative shops. Any recommendations for furniture repair in the Chicago area?

I have two 70+ year old secretary desks that need repair to the hinge which holds the desk top as well as some replacement door hardware. Neither is worth much--beyond the sentiment and joy I get in having old things around the house--but neither is fully functional. Both desks are in my house in Lakeview. Neither fits in my car, but that's a bridge I'll cross when I get there.

I also have a beautiful horsehair armchair which needs major reconstruction. I asked at the antique store I frequent and the owner said her chair guy also retired and she has yet to find someone she felt comfortable referring work to. The chair is in my parents' garage in DuPage county.

For all of the repairs, I'm less concerned with authenticity than quality of the repair. I want to maintain the antique-ness of the pieces: I don't want the desks updated with wacky drawer pulls or twee painting. I don't want the wood refinished in any way. I think the desk repair could probably be handled by someone who works with wood and cabinetry as a hobby, but I don't know anyone who does that.

The chair is a major reconstruction project, but the wood frame of the chair is solid and I would love to have it restored.

Cost, at this moment, is not a concern, but I'd rather not have to go all the way to Wisconsin or Michigan or south of Joliet, if I can help it.
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Well I do this kind of stuff up on the north shore, in Lake Bluff. My boss rarely likes going as far south as Chicago so I would suggest you give Weber Furniture Services a call. They're an established company have been around for ever and I have heard of no complaints about them only praise. my boss's brother, our in home touch up guy, used to work there and says he learned a lot in his early days.

Things get expensive quick so be sure to explain what you want done, and what you do NOT want done.
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You might try these guys: Furniture Revival. They're in the city and have been featured in several local magazines. Full disclosure: I have met one of them, which is how I know about their service.
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