Need a Chicago-area paintball field recommendation.
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Recommendation for a Chicago-area paintball field? My friends are planning to play this fall. Some things I'm looking for are: 1. Beginner friendly 2. Variety of fields 3. Inexpensive I've googled and I've seen the websites. I'm looking to hear from people who have actually played at them. Thanks!
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I played Fox Paintball, in the late 90s, though then it was called Fox River Games. I had fun and was a beginner. I enjoyed the woods rather than the more artificial arenas, but they have both types.

I glanced through these reviews and they seemed (mostly) positive as well.
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I have been to Challenge Park in Joliet, IL several times with players at the beginner level. It has always been a positive experience for us. They have several forest courses and also have an urban combat area.
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I had never played before but had an amazing time at Challenge Park last summer. We went with a big group and basically had the run of the place. If you're going to have a bad time paintballing, it's probably the other players that are going to give you a problem.
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Seconding CPX Sports. Go with a group of ten or more, and you basically get your own ref for the whole day. He'll take you around to the different fields, and basically let you play wherever you want. (If the field is available.) They have a wide range of field types, and the price is reasonable. It's a lot more fun than going with 3-4 people and joining the open games.
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