Great NYC-area beer sellers
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Any recommendations for a good (selection, value) beer store in the NYC-area?

I'm hosting a party for which I'll need about 450 beers, ideally in two varieties.

Is there a particular store/distributor in the NYC area that jumps out as the perfect place to go, with a good selection and good prices for that volume? I'm looking for things in the Magic Hat and Dogfish Head price range, rather than either the Michelob or Samuel Smith's ends.
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Is there a reason you can't buy 3 kegs? That is generally the way to go. I don't know about New York in specific, but I believe most states laws outlaw discounts for volume.
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There's a store in Brooklyn, it has a huge selection. Kinda a casual place, also has nice cheese? Maybe that'll ring someone's bell.
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There's Bierkraft in Park Slope, but they're pricey. I'd recommend the beer place in Prospect Heights on Washington Ave, up near Atlantic. I can't recall the name, but perhaps someone else knows it. They had a huge selection and were cheaper than the fancier places.
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I know the place the young rope-rider is talking about, it's on 5th avenue in Park Slope.

I used to go to a beer distributor on Pacific street between Court and Smith for kegs. There was also a place on Court street in Carroll Gardens that had a really big selection; I forget what it's called but they're across the street from the little movie theater down there.
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Are you thinking of Bierkraft, on 5th ave by Union in Park Sope, young rope-rider? I also like Brooklyn Beer and Soda, way down on Washington (?) by Atlantic Ave. in Prospect Heights. I've never done any kind of volume ordering, but both places are friendly and helpful.

On preview, Bierkraft is what both kid_dynamite and the young rope-rider are talking about, while I think Brooklyn Beer and Soda is the place youcancallmeal means.
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There is a HUGE HUGE HUGE Beer wholesale warehouse in Inwood, on West 206th street. Way uptown, but really cheap, and I've never seen a larger beer selection in my life.

Seriously, it is a sight to behold. Imagine the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark with that big warehouse that they put the ark into, but instead of crates of antiquities, it is all beer.
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I live right down the block from American Beer Distributors. They have a large selection. Kegs and growlers as well. Less $$ then Bierkraft, to boot.
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Yeah, I'm thinking of Brooklyn Beer and Soda. It's on Smith, I think.
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Bierkraft is famous for being Bierkraft but Ive always been kind of underwhelmed by their selection.
I think you're going to be better off buying a couple kegs. I used to go to a distributor on Meeker Ave in North Brooklyn. Good, if not amazing selection.
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Brooklyn Beer and Soda is the place on Washington Avenue near Dean Street in Brooklyn. They have a big selection of different beers and should have the quantities you need. I wouldn't be surprised if they do kegs as well, but I don't know. I've bought a few twelve-packs there and the prices have seemed okay to me, cheaper than a bodega, but nothing spectacular.

The comments section on this Gothamist article contains a few potentially helpful suggestions.
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After looking over the Yelp reviews, it actually does look like BB&S has kegs, if that's the route you decide to take.
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Best answer: The massive treasure trove of seriously cheap beer in Inwood is called Flair Beverages (no official website, here's the yelp), although I don't know if they do kegs it's an amazing place to stock up. But beware: CASH ONLY!

If you're looking for something more basic and no-nonsense, I second American Beer Distributors. Good experience getting a few half kegs, recommended.
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+1!!! for the store in Inwood. Just over the Fordham Rd bring from the Bronx. Enormous selection and very good prices.
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Tri-Boro Ice Company in Astoria has a large, ever-changing selection. They have a smaller selection of kegs, but their website has a list of more brands that are available on request.
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I would recommend American Beer Distributors as well. Take the F to Bergen.

(Also - the place on Pacific between Smith and Court closed a few years ago).
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I've always had good luck at New Beers Distributors on Chrystie Street.
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Response by poster: Flair has the good selection/fantastic prices that I was looking for.
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