Good blogs about life and sports in the great outdoors?
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I'm looking for inspirational outdoors/endurance/adventure/running/biking blogs to read. Written by amateurs, preferably.

I really enjoy reading about people's lives in remote parts of the US/Canada (as one of my previous questions showed). I also love reading about people's outdoors and biking/endurance/adventure. I also like to know how they ended up finding their passion.

For example, I love Jill Outside - a blend of excellent writing, great pictures, astonishing endurance feats.

I'd love to read more. Do you have any favourite outdoorsy, athletic types blogs in your RSS feeds?
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Family on Bikes
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Crazy Guy On A Bike -- aggregates journals of bicycle tours (5100 and counting)

Dirt Diva -- blog of a woman who runs quite a few 50 and 100 mile ultramarathons, with some fastpacking thrown in for good measure.
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Anton Krupicka has two blogs, one at Running Times and one on blogspot He's a pretty normal guy who happens to regularly run 150+ miles/week, and his blogspot blog tends to focus on shorter-form mileage and training reports, while the Running Times blog has longer-form writing and race reports. Both are super inspiring, and paint a picture of a pretty normal guy who does crazy things, like going on 50-mile fun runs.

Mike Wardian also has a blog on Running Times. His writing can be inspiring, because by most accounts, he's a pretty normal dude (married, kids, 9-5 job), but he runs marathons and races all over the country almost every freakin' weekend. He's another humbling guy that seems to just really love life and running.

Although not really outdoorsy or amateur, I like Lauren Fleishman's blog, her blog covers a lot about the lifestyle aspects of being a professional runner.
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Excuse the self-promotion, but you may enjoy this.
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Rock Racing is by a couple friends of mine and is primarily about adventure racing (trail running, mountain biking, paddling, etc.). They've qualified for the national championship that'll happen in the next month.

I'm a triathlete, so I follow a couple interesting triathlon blogs:

Ironman by Thirty is by a guy who's building up to a full Ironman in the next year.

The Lazy Marathoner is by a woman who did a couple full Ironman races this year.

Joe Friel's blog is more of a coaching blog. Joe is a well regarded expert in triathlons and cycling.

Finally, this last one isn't about triathlon's, but hiking and other outdoorsy adventures:Without Baggage. Very fun and engaging.
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