Need to send single-spaced HTML emails in Entourage
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When I enable HTML in email messages in Entourage, the email and signature both become double-spaced. How can I enable HTML and send single-spaced emails?

In Entourage itself, the messages and signature appear single-spaced; however, when I send to my gmail address, the email is double-spaced.

There is no line spacing formatting option that I can find. The internet says that shift+Enter should create a single space, but I've had no luck.

When I disable HTML and send the email as plain text, the line spacing is single.

Any help/tips would be much appreciated!
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I don't know about Entourage, but the Blackboard software I have to use does the same thing. It does that because it's trying to translate my typing into html behind the scenes - badly. The message starts out with a <p> tag, then there's my typing. Every time I hit enter, it inserts </p><p> which causes a double-spaced paragraph.

I only know this (and can fix it) because there is a 'raw html' mode button or some such that I press that makes it act just like MeFi's text box. I use that mode, and it sends html just fine.
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I should say, it causes a double-spaced paragraph after I send it and the html is re-rendered. It looks fine in the text box while I'm composing.
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