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I would like to buy an iTunes Gift Certificate for someone in Canada. I'm in the US. Can I do this?

From the Apple Gifting page: Gift Certificates can only be redeemed in the store in which they were created.

No problem. I click into Canada. Select the same options, enter in my information, the recipient's info, hit submit, and am told, "Your account is only authorized to buy from the US store. Hit OK to be taken there." Then of course my only option is to hit OK.

I thought of creating an account in that store, but it's going to eventually want a credit card. That will have a US address.

Any ideas? Is this even possible? Why even let me see the stores of other countries if I can't buy anything? If you guys can't help me I'll email Steve Jobs.

I'm feeling taunted.
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It didn't look likely, however there appears to be a (albeit pain in the arse) workaround.
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Is there any reason you can't buy a physical iTunes gift card from the Canadian Apple Store and have it shipped to the recipient?
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Costco.ca sells them in $60 and $100 multipacks, unless they force you to their US store.
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One alternative thought: There is an advantage to Canadians in receiving a US iTunes card in that they can then purchase American content if they set up a separate US iTunes account. (For example, there is a significantly wider selection of TV shows, likely due to CRTC regulations.)
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Response by poster: I have an email address for the person and was sort of wanting to surprise him, so that's why I tried buying the code. It does look like it'll let me buy a physical card on the CA site (I didn't hit the final button, since I only have his "whois" info). I emailed for a current address, so will go that route.

On fairmettle's suggestion I'll let him pick which country he wants.

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Response by poster: Just as a note: the iTunes store will only let you check out with an address in that country that matches the billing address, so since I am not in CA and don't have a credit card there it won't let me buy a physical card either.
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