Love these ornaments...want to display them!
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Help me display these ornaments and these ornaments.

I love all these ornaments, and want to display them. For the first set, I was thinking of some kind of spider thingy to put on my piano, but am not sure where to look. For the second set, I have no idea (they're Xmas related, so they could be brought out once a year). Thank you!
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For the Christmas related ones - is there a reason you're not wanting to put them on a Christmas tree? That seems like what all of these ornaments are designed for. I get you wanting to find a year-round way to display the musical instrument ones, but the Christmas ones, ummmm, put them on a Christmas tree?

Re the musical instrument ones - what about having them as part of a tablescape that runs along the top of your piano? The ones that are shaped like miniature instruments, and not the treble clef and notes, you could even have not hanging but simply displayed. I think they'd look nice in some sort of ornamental bowl, or maybe laid out in a row along a nice piano scarf or piece of interesting fabric.

I think this is semi-cheesy, because I'm personally not into this sort of decor, but I've known people who've appropriated the Christmas tree idea and made trees for other holidays, or around themes that are not related to any particular season - maybe get a small potted evergreen or a big lush rosemary plant and decorate it with the musical instruments for year round use?
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What about on a jewelry stand?
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You could fasten them on some sort of wreath or frame them in a shadow box with sheet music as a background, but I like the Christmas tree best. Of course, if you don't celebrate Christmas, could be different.
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Seconding the jewelry stand emilyd suggested. I really like the one she found and also this one and this one from Container Store!

One issue that may come up, though, is they may rattle/jingle a bit when you play the piano if they are hanging on something like a jewelry tree/stand. You'll have to audition a couple of solutions to test that out.
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I have a lamp in my living room that I hang antique crystals and other fun stuff from - decorate a lamp with them, and they'll have a built in lighting!
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