live fast die young
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Looking for teenage party pictures (for an art project), the kind that kids get in trouble for posting on facebook: beer bongs, falling down, barfing, smeared make-up, frat parties at 4am, bruises, halloween living fast and dying young.

Ideally I'd like to find these pictures on facebook but I'm not 'friends' with college freshmen.
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Best answer: Late Night Mistakes
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Best answer: Sorry I Missed Your Party
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Best answer: Vice Dos & Don'ts
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Facebook Fails
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This sounds like a really bad idea. You're assuming that the people in the pictures have given permission to have photos of themselves made available to the public. Horrible worst-case scenario, they don't want the pictures available but can't stop them from reappearing.

Use a stock photo image service instead, please.
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Perhaps befriend some of these wretched little shits.
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On second thought, to clarify: I think that news story is germane to an art project about drugged kids and Facebook photos. I'm not actually recommending that you find and use those photos. The content of the story illustrates geekchic's point that redistributing such photos can (further) harm their subjects.
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Something like this?
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Previously "Live Free and Die Young" . Maybe more hardcore then your looking for.
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